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FIRST in Michigan Progression of Programs


2016-2017 FTC Season Registration

STIMS (Youth Team Member Registration)

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FIRST in Michigan Progression of Programs

FTC teams must be entirely comprised of middle school team members in order to be eligible for FIRST in Michigan (FiM) grants and to compete in FIRST in Michigan FTC events.  FIRST in Michigan positions the progression of programs differently from what you'll find listed on the FIRST national site.  We do this so that the programs build upon each other, rather than compete, to create a STEM pipeline where students flow naturally from one program to the next.  To learn about this FIRST sanctioned pilot, please refer to the press release.

FIRST in Michigan Adjusted Progression of Programs  *Effective 2015-2016 Season

Elementary School Programs

Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr. FLL):  Kindergarten - Grade 3

FIRST LEGO League (FLL): Grade 4 - end of elementary

Middle School Program

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

High School Program

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)


Welcome to the 2016-2017 FIRST in Michigan FTC season!

2016-2017 FiM FTC Start Up Guide; overview of the program and addresses many FAQs

2016-2017 FiM FTC Equipment/Costs/Grant Information:  Parts order recommendation that makes best use of grants.

The 2016-2017 FTC season kick off will be on Saturday, September 10, 2016!  There will be kickoff events in various locations around the state. These events usually include workshops (build, electrical, programming, PTC CAD training, judging tips, etc.) as well as a fully outfitted REVEAL of the season’s game - so save the date!  Teams participating at kickoff workshops should bring their Kit of Parts, tools, and team laptop with software loaded in order to make best use of their time at these events. So, it’s important to start the team registration process, apply for the FIRST FTC (national) Team Grant and receive an award decision, then pay your team’s FIRST FTC registration fee and order your parts.

A few key points to note:

2016-2017 FTC Season Registration

Team registration for the season opens in May. The person registering the team (Team Admin or Lead Coach/Mentor 1) does so via their FIRST account accessible on the FIRST national site.  See FTC Team Registration doc for details including screenshots. Need to create a FIRST account? New account creation link.

 A team will need to register with FIRST FTC (national) in order to be included in season correspondence from FIRST FTC (national) and FIRST in Michigan FTC and to participate in official events. Note that FTC team size is capped at 15 team members.

Veteran FTC teams retain their team number from year to year. It is important for teams that are affiliated with a middle school to include their school name as part of their "Team Name" on TIMS.  This is key for eligibility for certain grants.  If you are no longer holding a key role for the team (Team Admin, Coach/Mentor 1 or 2), please be sure to invite your replacement which can be done via your FIRST account.  This will ensure that the new team contacts are receiving all communications. 

Per the FIRST Youth Protection Program, every FIRST team is required to have two registered adult Mentors/Coaches who must pass the FIRST background screening process.   This process is initiated via the FIRST account for the individual and there is no charge for the screening.

If your team’s registration is stalled due to not having an alternate contact identified yet, contact for guidance.

The FTC Storefront is a one-stop shop where teams can purchase the FTC Kit of Parts. It's important to review the above linked "Equipment" document and the FiM FTC Grants and Application Process document BEFORE paying for FIRST FTC season registration or purchasing equipment through the FIRST FTC Storefront.

STIMS (Youth Team Member Registration)

FTC Team Members under 12 Years of Age

Currently, students under the age of 12 will not be able to register online for their FTC team in STIMS (FIRST FTC's Youth Team Registration System).  FTC is working with their IT Dept. to try and change the STIMS age limits but, as of right now, these students will need to turn in a paper FIRST Consent/Release form at events and be handwritten onto the team's STIMS produced roster. For more information on STIMS:  

Coaches have shared that 6th graders have a better FTC experience when the team is comprised of mixed grades i.e 6th, 7th, 8th and not solely 6th graders.  A mixed grade team also lends itself to a higher rate of sustainability as, each year, only a portion of the team will need to be repopulated rather than the entire team.  Plus it gives the older students the opportunity to develop leadership and mentorship skills.

Team Mentors under 18 Years of Age

To be listed as a Coach or Mentor in Team Information Management System (TIMS), a mentor must be an adult of 18 years of age or older. Student Mentors do not sign up through the TIMS registration system because in order to create an account in TIMS, one must be an adult of 18 years of age or older. However, students may help out as a Student Mentor for the team. A Student Mentor would be someone who works with the team in his/her area of expertise. They help provide valuable one-on-one interaction. In addition to having the knowledge, the most important quality for a Mentor is someone who enjoys working with young people and wants them to learn.

To be listed on the team’s roster, coaches should write the Student Mentor’s name on the printed team roster in the “Additional Student Team Members and Mentors Not Listed Above (write in)” section. Indicate that they are a Student Mentor in the “Role” column. Then, attach their completed consent form to the team roster to be submitted at each event that they attend.

About the Program


In Michigan, the official Middle School FTC season is September through December and ends before FRC kickoff in January.  

May 18        

Registration Opens

September 10

FTC Season Kickoff & Game Reveal

Sept.-early Nov.

Build and Practice (no bag day in FTC!)

mid October

Sign up for an official event

Nov.-mid Dec.

Competition season

December 17

Mi FTC State Championship*

March, 2017

North SuperRegional, Iowa*

April, 2017

FIRST FTC Championship, St. Louis*

*State Championship, SuperRegional and FIRST Championship  are advancement based. Separate event fees will apply.

Please email with questions and Welcome Aboard!