So, what are we going to eat?!

Nicaraguans take a lot of pride in their national foods and dishes. If you would be interested in seeing what some of these foods look like, follow this link.  

The churches will want to make them for the team. It is very important for the team to be gracious guests and refrain from showing signs of disinterest or making unkind comments. Food preparation is laborious here as the women cook from scratch and many times over on open fire. They will work hard for team and we want to show them our gratitude.

In almost all areas of Nicaragua there are places to buy cheap snacks: chips, pop, crackers, peanuts, cookies, ice cream and candy. If you want to bring extra snacks that are harder to find or more expensive they can include: granola bars, beef jerky or slim jims, assorted trail mixes, etc.

If anyone from the team has a food allergy, we MUST KNOW IN ADVANCE!

Here are a few lists of common foods that the team will be eating. Nicaraguan food is simple and satisfying. Please know that the team will be eating better than most Nicaraguans ever do. Food is expensive here and and a big part of the family budget is spent on meals. Because of this we ask that you try all food so as to not offend our hosts and if there are foods that you cannot eat, PLEASE DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! We know too many Nicaraguans that do not get enough to eat and we will save whatever leftover food we have at the end of the meal. We will be careful to make sure that all food and water is safe to eat and drink. Do not be overly worried about germs.

Common menu items: