September 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students of Class 604 & 606

As part of your Science and Social Studies grades this year you will be required to research current events. You will need to follow the schedule attached, which will tell you the dates for submission. It will alternate between Science and Social Studies.  In addition you will be required to report/present your article to the class as part of your grade. There will be 3 reports chosen at random. Therefore, you must be prepared because you will not know the reporting schedule ahead of time!

Attached you will find the dates for submission and a graphic organizer that must be completed as your final copy. The articles can be taken from any newspaper (local or national) or the internet can be used as long as it is from a reliable source (i.e. SI Advance, NY Times, Daily News, NY Post, etc.) The original article must be attached and handed in along with the completed graphic organizer. We expect each assignment to be neatly handwritten, grammatically correct and handed in on time.

**Parents, it is your responsibility to be sure that the articles are age and content appropriate.

Please oversee these assignments!!! **

Please be sure that the article is CURRENT… we will accept only up to two weeks prior to the day it is due.

The schedule of due dates should be followed and remember that this assignment will only receive full credit if it is handed in on the day it is due. If a student does not have their assignment we will allow them to bring it in one day late with a reduction in their grade. We will not accept the assignment after the extra day is given and a zero will then be given for that assignment. Being that the dates are given ahead of time, we expect that an absent student will be prepared to hand their assignment in on the day they return to school in order to receive credit.

As always, if there are any questions please feel free to ask.


Ms. Blanchard & Mrs. Reier


Please tear off and return to school signed by tomorrow:


September 2015

I/We understand the rules about the Current Events projects I am responsible for during the upcoming school year …2015-2016.


                                                        Student’s Signature/Date


                                                        Parent’s (Guardian’s) Signature/Date


Please keep this sheet home for future reference

Current Events #1        October 7                Social Studies

Current Events #2        October 28        Science

Current Events #3          November 18        Social Studies

Current Events #4        December 9        Science

Current Events #5        January 6                Social Studies

Current Events #6        January 27        Science

Current Events #7        February 24        Social Studies

Current Events #8    March 16                Science

Current Events #9    April 13                Social Studies

Current Events #10          May 4                Science

Current Events #11          May 25                Social Studies

SUBJECT GRADE ____________            

Name _________________________Date____________

SI School of Civic Leadership                           Class____

Current Events Assignment #______Subject_________

Title of Article:


Author of Article:


Article Date:




After reading the entire article you chose please write the MAIN IDEA of the article on the following lines.  




List 2 - 3 details to support the main idea.








Think about how the article is important to you personally or to the world around you. Be prepared to discuss this if you are chosen to present your article to the class.