She's a he!

"I will never be loved as Yumi is, or as strong as Sojirou is. As a man or as a woman, I will never be the favorite. I will always be the odd one out. All I can do is to fight for Shishio-sama with all of my heart. That is all I have!"

Name: Kamatari

Nicknames: Giant Scythe

Age: 30?

Weapons and Attacks: Giant Scythe, Benten Mowashi

Love Interests: Shishio

Closest Friends: Sojirou

Enemies: Kaoru and Misao

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Kamatari has a thing for Shishio. However, Shishio doesn't swing that way. Kamatari expresses his love for Shishio by working as hard as he can to please the leader of the Juppongatana. Kamatari fights Kaoru and Misao at the Aoiya.

Personality Profile: Kamatari's love for Shishio drives him to fight as best he can. He feels he will never be as good as Sojiro or get the love that Yumi gets and is frustrated by this.

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