Girl Scouts of Northern California

Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp 2017

July 24, 25, 26, 27 and Jul 31, Aug 1, 2, and 3

Huddart Park – Oak Area


Dear Parents of Campers and Staff Members:

Camp is just around the corner and we are ready for another wonderful year at Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp. Please review the important information about transportation to and from camp in this letter.



Please review your bus assignment and the details below regarding pick up and drop off procedures before the first day of camp. Please note that our buses are full and we are unable to make changes. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.


If your route to the bus stop is along the affected roads, please plan for the detour. (Arundel, Barrett, Brittan Acres, Carlmont, Fox)

SAN CARLOS: The City of San Carlos is planning to close San Carlos Ave. between

Cordilleras and Alameda de las Pulgas from 8 am - 5 pm July 25-28 while they

remove some ailing eucalyptus trees.  Parallel streets of Carmelita and Alma

between Cordilleras and Alameda de las Pulgas will also be closed to through

traffic.  The City says there will be a detour posted, directing people to

follow Cedar to Brittan to Alameda de las Pulgas.

BELMONT: Lane closure on westbound Ralston Avenue from Alameda de las Pulgas to 1000 feet east of Cipriani Boulevard through the end of September during non-commute hours. Please anticipate delays and possible lane closures. Be sure to allow extra time to get to your destination. Alternate routes are advised.


Please be prepared to show your ID EACH day. Please arrive by 3:45pm to pick up your camper each day, and PLEASE check in with the "COP" (Check-Off-Person) before the bus arrives in the afternoon. The Bus COP will not release your child without an ID. Your child may only be released to registered parents or someone on your designated pick up list that you noted during registration. This is for the safety of your child and is required by the Girl Scouts of Northern California Council. Please remember the Bus COPS are volunteers and are trying to keep your children safe. Please do not get frustrated with them for following this new procedure.



Entering Grades 1, 2, & 3 - Buses returning on the last Wednesday (8/2) may run up to 30 minutes later. Remember, this is the last day of camp for this group.


Entering Grades 4 & up - Campers who stay overnight on Wednesday (8/2) will return to your Bus Stop on Thursday (8/3) around 11:00 AM.


Attendance: Please notify your "Bus Mom" if your camper is unable to attend day camp on any day. A list of Bus Mom contact information will be published in mid-July before the start of camp.


Be on time! Buses cannot and will not wait for late campers! For security reasons, the bus will not stop or reopen the doors once they have been closed. If your camper misses the bus, DON'T PANIC! You can drive her to Huddart Park (Oak Area) so she doesn't miss out on the fun. If you drive your child to camp, you MUST check in at the Staff Table.


The Bus Mom assigned to your camper's bus is scheduled to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled bus loading time.


Carpools are suggested to reduce the traffic around bus stops. Please drive safely.


Designated "Walkers" will be excused from the bus first. This must be set up before June 30 by selecting “Yes” for the question “My Child Can Walk Home From the Bus Stop” on the Bus Pickup Form in Active.


If you do not pick up your camper within 15 minutes after the bus returns, the Check-Off Person will either wait at the stop until all campers are signed out OR take remaining campers to a pre-specified location. (You will receive this location the first day of camp).


Any parents/guardians, etc. who are chronically late collecting their camper(s) at the bus stop will be asked to make alternate transportation arrangements.



Buses load at 8:10am. Please allow enough time to park and walk your child to the bus. There may be additional traffic due to other camps at your bus stop site--carpool or walk to your stop if possible.

Arundel - Please park on the side streets or inner parking lots and walk your camper to the buses. There are 2 buses so NO CARS ARE ALLOWED IN THE SAN CARLOS AVE PARKING LOT - not even for drop offs. Respect the cones. See above for Road Closure and Detour info.

Barrett - Please leave space on the Belburn Drive for the 2 buses. Please park to the East, leaving room for the nursery school drop-off on the West of the center. See above for Road Closure and Detour info.

Brittan Acres - The 3 buses will line up on Tamarack Ave to avoid construction on Belle Avenue and  will park in front of St. Charles School in order to allow elderly parishioners to have better access to the church.  Please park behind the buses, or on the Brittan Acre side of Tamarack. See above for Road Closure and Detour info.

Carlmont High School – We will be loading 3 buses behind the Performing Arts Center in the north east corner above softball field. Please do not block the buses to turn around and exit the school. Please carpool - there is limited parking in front student lot due to construction. See above for Road Closure and Detour info.

Map link:

Fox - Please do not park in places that will block 2 school buses from parking in the loading zone.

Nesbit - Please do not park in places that will block the school bus from parking in the loading zone.

Redwood Shores - Please park in designated parking spaces in the lot & walk your camper to the front of the school. Loading will take place at the Drop Off curb. Please allow room for the 2 buses to be parked & loaded there.

White Oaks - Please allow room for 3 White Oaks buses to line up on Cedar St.



What do I do when I arrive at the bus stop?

Buses will load at 8:10 am. Be sure to allow enough time to park your car and walk your child to their assigned bus. Your child’s bus will have a sign in the front with the bus name and number. You’ll check in with your BUS MOM.


Will my child be supervised on the bus?

Yes, there are two key volunteers for each bus. The BUS LEAD will ride the bus to camp with your child each day and will help check them onto the bus at camp. The BUS COP will be stationed at your bus stop each afternoon and will check your child off the bus. Other Adult Staff, Junior Staff and Aides will also be present on each bus to ensure the safety of your camper.


What if my child doesn’t have any friends on her bus?

We have Adult Staff, Junior Staff and Aides on each bus. They are there to ensure safety and to make sure that your camper feels comfortable and has someone to sit with each day. We sing silly camp songs on the way to and from camp to put our campers at ease and to get everyone in the spirit for a day at camp!  As soon as they arrive at camp they’ll see their friends at the “Aloha Tree” where we gather each morning.


What happens if I arrive at my stop after the bus doors have closed?

Once the bus doors close at the pick-up location, they WILL NOT re-open until they reach their destination unless there is an emergency. This is a bus safety regulation. Do not ask the driver to open the doors or try to chase the bus. It is imperative that you are on time to drop off and pick up your campers.


What happens if the bus is late or does not show up?

We have a contract for 18 buses to carry over 800 campers and staff to and from camp each day. If a bus breaks down and is unable to make it, we need to wait for all of the other buses to arrive at or leave from camp (the road to Huddart Park is narrow and windy, and cannot accommodate buses going in both directions), and then we will send a bus back to pick up the campers that would have been on the disabled bus. Campers waiting for the bus will be supervised by the staff riding on that bus. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but even the best laid plans can go awry. Please be respectful of our volunteer Bus Lead and other staff on the bus - a situation like this is completely beyond their control, and they are doing their best in a stressful situation.

What can I do if my child misses the bus?

If you are late and miss the bus, you may drive your camper to Huddart Park. Drive to the Oak Area and be sure to check your child in at the Staff Table. She can still ride the bus home.


What should I do if I need to pick my child up at camp early one day for an appointment?

Any campers leaving early must be picked up by 2:00 pm. Whenever you pick up your child from camp at Huddart, drive to the Oak Area and park. Sign out your child at the Staff Table. If you know in advance, please notify your child’s Unit Leader, Bus Mom and Bus Cop about this.


How will my child find her bus at camp at the end of the day?  Each bus is assigned a color or pattern (polka dots, hearts, paws or stripes). After the flag ceremony, campers line up near the sign with the color or pattern for their bus (the sign also has the name of their bus stop) and are led as a group to be checked onto their bus by the Bus Mom. Help your camper to learn her bus name.


What happens at pick up time?

Buses will arrive around 3:45 pm. BUS COPS are on hand to check each child off the bus. They will be checking a picture I.D. to make sure that the individual picking up your child is someone that you authorized during the registration process. If you authorized your camper to walk home, they will be released without an adult signature. Note: pick up times are approximate.


The parent who is picking up my daughter each day is on another bus at our stop. Will she still be able to pick up my child?

All of the buses at each stop arrive at approximately the same time each day. It is not a problem if the person picking up your child is on a different bus, or if his/her child is on a different bus at your stop.


I’m a member of staff and will be driving my child each day. What procedures should I follow?  If your child ever rides the bus, you must sign out your child at the Staff Table each time you drive her. If your child is not on any bus list, you will not need to sign out.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email (preferred) or at the phone number listed below.

Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp