End of Year Check List

Verify CRDC Data


Check for missing Final grades (use search data fields attached)

** High & Middle schools - also check for Semester 1 final grade



Store - Q4, S2, E2, F1

Teachers turn in Grade Verification reports, dated and signed

Report Cards


Save a copy  

Final Report Cards

Cumulative Folders

All students’ names, gender & DOB should be verified by homeroom teacher

Use check list to ensure cum records are in order for grades transitioning to next school

Send cum label report with folders to AMS for rising 6th graders

Grade Book

Teacher must print their grade book for each subject, keep a copy and give  

Data manager a copy


Use the following discipline reports to verify and correct your discipline data:

State Discipline Report

SQL4 Reports

  Incident Report by School

  Incident Victim Report by School

Student Incident Report


Make sure there are no Hearings Pending-there must be a final action taken

Verify with your principal all PD and RO incidents are coded correctly. Reminder-these codes require law enforcement consultation from your principal.

Check incidents that must be reported to law enforcement-must have entry to show reported to law enforcement

Check incidents with weapons, must have line with weapon listed (Object)

Check incidents with victims

Incidents where students were referred to the alternative school must have a line indication that

Follow discipline entry procedures for making corrections-must run report, clear cache, run report again for changes to show

June 12 Final day to enter or edit discipline

Approve Discipline report on or before June 30


School Setup > Full Time Equivalencies - make sure all grade levels at your school are checked


Activities will automatically carry over into the next schools year during the EOY process.

If you have activities that will not apply to next year, you should clear those out. You should also remove students that should not be in activities that you want to carry over.

You can clear out activities by using the Clear functions. Start Page > System > Clear Activities

You can clear out students that will not be in an activity next year in mass using Student Field Value.

Query the students in the group - Click on Fields and select the activity name to select the students in the group  > Functions > Hand Select

Highlight the students you want to remove

Functions > Student Field Value > Fields > Select the activity you want to remove the students from; leave the New Field Value blank, this will remove the check for the students, thus removing them from the activity.


Remove any 2015/16 schedules for students not returning

Student Scheduling Setup

Remove Graduation Year

Uncheck Scheduled - Next School must be current school and next grade the 2015-16 grade



Student Scheduling Setup - Next school is the current school, next grade is the current grade, graduation year populated, Scheduled should be checked

The EOY process will populate the default retention code of RACD. You will adjust that code as

needed after the EOY process.

NOTE- Self-contained remaining at current school-same as above, with the exception,

You will change the retention code posted during EOY to promotion.

Print report with student names

Check over list and make sure all students are in the correct next school and

grade level

ACEC only –check rising grade 13 students

Send retention list with names to Debbie Jarman

**Read to Achieve – These students will be adjusted after summer camp. More information to come


2016-17 KI

Send list to Debbie and Charity Faulkner

Send transportation forms to Charity Faulkner

Check repository for duplicate PK students and send names to me

Run list for pre-registered students and make sure all are listed, have next grade of 0, next school (your school) and Scheduled is checked.

Student Scheduling Setup

Transition PK going to KI have a next grade of 0, next school (your school) and Scheduled is checked - Student Scheduling Setup

Check start and exit dates for all KI - August 25, 2015-June 3, 2016

W2 Withdrawal Codes

Run list to identify students with W2 withdrawal code (see attached search guide)


9TH Month PMR

Run 9th month as soon as it becomes available and run often to check for errors

Wait as long as possible to approve

Make sure all students are listed on the current enrollment  

Make sure there are no 10-Day Violations

Print and approve no later than June 12  

Data Validation

Run Power Tools, School Enrollment Audit and Section Enrollment Audit (run frequently)

All errors must be cleared up before year end process is run

Verify 2016-17 students have the correct next school and next grade and scheduled is checked if they are to be scheduled.

Use PowerTools to clean up all enrollment and section enrollment errors, blank stored grades, grade/percentage not matching, etc

Check years and terms

Date Validation reports/exports

Next School/Next Grade

  Query students by grade level (16-17 KI /enroll_status=-1)


   lastfirst                                   Student Name

   schoolid                               Current School

   grade_level                             Current Grade

   next _ school                           Next Grade

   Sched_NextYearGrade              Next School

  Data Validation Search Examples


     **will show current 6th grade students that do not have grade 7 as the

         next grade  search for all grade levels and the next grade


      **will show current 6th grade that do not have Anson Middle as next


*Anson Middle us to check current 8th grade -next grade=9,

  next school 040700, 040306, 040304

*WPS use to check current 4th - next grade =5 next school=4-040330

*high schools use to check graduates - next grade =99, next school=999999

Note - all incorrect fields can be mass updated

 **the mass update screen will not show students that already have the fields indicated

    to change

End of Year

Check start and dates for all sections for current year and scheduling year

Check with me before leaving for summer or going on vacation

Run rank on last time prior to committing schedule and set default frequency to Daily

Can be changed to manually whenever needed

Commit Master Schedule on or before June 24th

End of Year Repots

Refer to PowerSchool End of Year Document

Print/Save (H:) everything you possibly think you might need over the summer and next year

Email a copy to Debbie

Run School & Section Enrollment Audits (clear and errors)

Make sure years and terms are correct and have the Import File year number populated (follow commit guide)



High Schools Only

ALP Report (Anson Academy)

Populate the exit date for currently enrolled students and make sure exit date is populated for students who withdrew during the year.


Students are to be counted absent when not physically present; there is no exemption

from 180 days of attendance for seniors or exam exemptions. Students must be present ½ of the school day in order to be counted present.  Note: Please refer to the attached DPI memo.

Graduating Students

Check to make sure Next School is 999999; Next grade is 99

All grades must be entered & FF Must be entered for attendance failures prior to calculating GPA/Rank

Calculate GPA/Rank

*Check Historical Grades for students who transferred in during the year.

GDVS - Last day for entries or corrections June 13th; data will be pulled June 15th


Check seniors for CPR endorsement

Athletic Eligibilty – run before June 30th, but after all grades are final


Transcripts must be run for all students. Print before June 30th, but after all grade changes are final.

IMPORTANT: Always compare the transcript GPA with the GPA on the Ranking Report. They should match at the end of the year. If not, investigate to correct.

Note - CFNC will automatically generate transcripts 10 days following the last day of school


EOY Searches

Missing Grades


  1. If stored already export historical grades.  If not you can query what’s in GB with this on class rosters.  First grouping goes in Heading box, second grouping goes in roster box.  Of course you’d have to rename your terms depending on what you use.  Joyce Jarret gave me this and it works great.


Teacher: ~(teachername)

Course: ~(coursename)

Meeting: ~(expression)

Room: ~(room)

Number: ~(No_of_students)


LastFirst\Student Name\2.5\L







If stored - System - Export Historical grades, enter F1 for the store code.

  1. DateStored=Date you stored grades

            Grade=Leave blank

Search for W2 Withdrawals - Exitcode=W2  Use entry date of July 1, 2016

Quick Export