These short videos will introduce you to the basics of Scratch. What you do in Scratch is only limited by your imagination. Using just a few basic blocks (Instructions) you can make animations or games.

We will learn about some of these blocks in the following videos. You can use these to build many different programs.

The first one will show you around Scratch.  This video introduces one type of Motion and how to start a program. 

Adjust settings to 720 to improve the picture quality

Using X and Y to control motion gives you a lot more control of your Sprite.

With dialogue you can create a short animation. Getting your Sprites to talk is easy. However, making their mouths move at the same time as they speak takes a lot of adjusting, it isn’t hard, but it does take time. Pay attention to the details of your program, you can make everything look great, but it will take a bit of work.

Using a Repeat loop will make things simplier.