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Forum Preferences allows the user to adjust forum notifications, subscriptions, and tracking of read and unread posts in forums.

This guide will help you to:

Navigating to Forum Preferences

Email Digest Type

Forum Auto-Subscribe

Forum Tracking

Navigating to Forum Preferences

To navigate to forum preferences, you will have to access your profile settings.

  1. Login to Moodle ISU. For more information, see Accessing Moodle ISU for Faculty 
  2. Click your profile picture/name.
  3. Click Preferences.


  1. In the User account section, Click Forum preferences.

forum preferences.jpg

Email Digest Type

  1. From the Email digest type dropdown menu, select from the following:
  1. No digest - you will receive one email per forum post.
  2. Complete - you will receive one digest email per day containing the complete contents of each forum post.
  3. Subjects - you will receive one digest email per day containing just the subject of each forum post.

Forum Auto-Subscribe

  1. From the Forum auto-subscribe dropdown, select from the following:
  1. Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum discussion
  2. No: don’t automatically subscribe me to forum discussion

Forum Tracking

  1. From the Forum tracking dropdown menu, Select Yes: highlight new posts for me.

highlight new posts for me.jpg

  1. Click Save changes.

save changes.jpg

Note: You will be taken to an overview of your profile.  Users should now be able to track unread posts as well as see new posts.  These new posts will be highlighted on the page and they will be highlighted within the forum.

2 unread.jpg

unread 2.jpg

For more information, see View profile

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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