Trans-Pacific Partnership:

• It's A Raw Deal For Labor; Furthers "Race To The Bottom;"

• Transnational Corporations Will Leverage TPP, Furthering Crony Capitalism While Compromising National Sovereignty And Local Control; That's Not "Free Trade;"

• If It's So Wonderful, Why Is All Info Private? Even Most Members Of Congress Can't Read Current Working Draft

Peace House and Citizens for Transparent Government invite you to come hear informative speakers and learn about the TPP. Protest against the TPP! Our organizations represent diverse Oregonian political viewpoints, and we're united against the TPP.

We seek to pressure members of our Congressional delegation -- Merkley, Wyden, and Walden -- to state publicly and unequivocally where they stand on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and Fast Track legislation designed to move its approval through Congress without deliberation or amendment. We have also invited the candidates challenging Merkley and Walden to declare their stance.

For further information, contact Eric Dubin, or Herbert Rothschild,

Stop Trans-Pacific Partnership! Politically Diverse Protest Our Members Of Congress And Their Challengers Invited * * * * * Saturday, February 8, 10:30 a.m. Vogel Plaza, Medford (Corner of Main St. and Central Ave.)