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Minutes - February 2017
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Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - February 2017
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

 X Jeanette DePiero  _ Mica McCullough __Amy Menzel    X Linda Esposito   X Kerri Patton    

X Sara Verrillo   X Courtney Volpe

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Dan Bachalis, Barbara Neary, Kelly O’Neill, Joe Kalucki, Jason Simmons,  

  1. Recap Three 3’s Event
  2. Events and Projects:        

Green Business Recognition Program - No response from chamber but Dan will follow up. Dan suggested reaching out to new store Herban Legends

Eye Opening Film and Lecture Series - We will reach out to Stockton to see if March 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 is available on Threats to our Water Supply - will show mix of Ted Talks and speakers potentially from PPA, Dr. Tait, Surfriders or Margate initiatives on plastic bags. Future topics mentioned besides CATA were permaculture and green infrastructure.

Buy Local Program - Meeting with Joe Donio on February 13th to discuss potential collaboration. Other ideas mentioned included Alternative Currency, Tax Credits Scavenger Hunt to visit every store

Reusable Bag Handouts/ Plastic Bag Reduction - Linda to reach out to Infererras for dates. We will try to contact ShopRite again to see if we can learn what happens to their plastic bags and work with them to promote the program.

Neighborhood Cleanup - will be held on Saturday, April 29th in conjunction with Downtown cleanup and planting. We need to contact local clubs to participate and develop a list of littered areas. We decided not to move forward with a BBQ. Will pitch the idea to use native plants in downtown planting. Will meet with Cassie again to further details.

Paint Waste Bins for Public Works (Spring) - Need to determine how many bins there are and where we can do the project - Sara and Linda will email Scott. Jason offered to find out if clear streams can be donated to the town for event purposes.

Student Representative and Scholarship - We received the OK for the scholarship. It was decided we will come up with criteria in time for next year.

Sustainable Jersey/Sustainable Jersey for Schools - it was mentioned that they are coming up with a new gold standard. Town may adopt See Click Fix, which helps with the municipal engagement actions. It was agreed we would renew focus on the school and try to set up a meeting with Kristen during her Green Club meeting.

Fundraiser Idea - we have the approval to move forward with this. The Committee will think of ideas for a logo or slogan to include on a bag or t-shirt.

3.  Garden Updates - waiting to see how many returning gardeners there will be to see how many new beds are opening up - Courtney offered to shoot short promotional and educational garden videos with her friend

4.  Open Floor -  Find out from Jerry the status of the NJ Future, Green Infrastructure projects.