Technology Committee

Minutes for 3.18.13

In attendance: Debbi Gadwah-Lambert, Lois Little, Eric Phillips, Jim Grittner, Jonathan Robarts


-          Tech Tip emails well received; Mr. Robarts will try and increase the quantity.

-          Mr. Grittner opened discussion on current technology at the school, would like to look into advancing present technology while ensuring current and future tech dollars are spent appropriately on devices that are both functional and cost-effective. Mr. Robarts will continue looking into cost-effective upgrades for the school’s desktop computers, possibly shifting to virtual workstations utilizing thin clients as desktops & Chromebooks as the new 1:1 computers for upcoming 4th graders. Ms. Little mentions colleagues from her school who utilize this technology.

-          Smarter Balanced Pilot to take place first two weeks in April; in future years will require necessary increase in quantity of computers on site as well as upgrading existing systems.

-          Discussed upcoming grants which will allow for iPads to be purchased in order to supplement instruction and improve the students’ technological growth. Ms. Gadwah-Lambert is looking into eBook purchases which could be used in line with iPads.

-          More student/staff input/involvement with the website, hopes to include necessary website content updates and web site design as projects into different classes to help promote tech integration.

-          iPrism discussion, possible to stay within CIPA standards and allow students greater web access. Certain forms of social media should be available, within reason, to those who use it appropriately. All agree that current Internet Policy needs to be revised; BYOD needs revising and to be made official. Students will be invited to a subsequent meeting to get input for filtering.