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Judging Rubric Semifinal Round
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Rubric for Semifinal Round:





Story/Subject Development

Technical Quality

Creativity/ Originality







Things to consider when determining your scores


For Documentaries,

is there Clarity of Subject & Theme?


For Experimental,

is there Clarity of the Motif/Subject?


For Narrative,

is there Clarity of Character and Story?



For Documentaries,

is the subject/story sustained and developed effectively?


For Experimental,

is the subject/motif developed effectively?


For Narrative,

is character/story sustained and developed effectively?




Does the filmmaker show technical proficiency or advanced skill with regard to Visual/Audio Quality, Cinematography & Sound Design?



Does the film exhibit originality and/or a unique, interesting approach to film?


Does the film display innovative ideas or story telling techniques?



Score 1-10



















Notes for Scoring:


9-10 Achievement is Exemplary and Compelling (professional level throughout)


7-8    Achievement is Good or Very Good but has a few shortcomings related to category


5-6    Achievement is Satisfactory but is inconsistent or falls short of professional level