For this assignment you will create a travel advertisement for a Sumerian city. Using information from Chapter 2, Section 1 (Pg. 34-39), imagine what life would look like in one of the very first cities in Mesopotamia. Be sure to include all the activities and types of entertainment a visitor to Sumer might enjoy.


Example: Come to Sumer and enjoy all that the Fertile Crescent has to offer! Spend the morning walking along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers before enjoying a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish. Make sure to check out the acrobatic and musical performances as you visit our local artisans. After exploring the nearby Ziggurat, your legs will surely be aching! When you’re ready to call it a night, get cozy the way the real ancient Mesopotamians do – sleeping on the roof!



After writing the text for your advertisement, include an illustration that depicts a Sumerian city.

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