Stoneleigh-Burnham School iPad Program FAQ  v08.8.17

(This is a living document, please check back for updates)

Q: It seems like there are a lot of different iPads. Which is recommended?

Any iPad model currently available on the Apple site and with 32 GB or greater storage space is sufficient for school needs.

Students use all models, from the 8” mini  to the 12” iPad pro.

Another consideration is storage space. The various iPads come in 32, 64, 128, 256, and even 512 GB Models.

Older 16GB models are currently not adequate for school work. Many classes require textbooks or video editing both which take up a lot of hard drive space.

Q: Where is the best place to buy an iPad? Can I buy one through the school?

There are many avenues for purchasing an iPad. In recent weeks various retailers, including Staples, have offered as much as $50 to 100 off select models.

Another good option to consider are the refurbished models offered on the website. These units are backed by a full warranty. We have purchased Apple refurbished products for school use in the past and would continue to do so.

We strongly suggest purchasing AppleCare which affords an additional year of warranty and two breakage incidents with a $50 deductible.

A case/cover of some type should also be used.

If you would like the Tech. Dept. to purchase an iPad on your behalf click the link at the top of the page.

All iPads ordered through the school will be purchased with AppleCare (3 year plan) and include a protective cover/case.

A note about AppleCare. Consumer purchased AppleCare provides two years of coverage. When we purchase it, as a school, the coverage is extended to three years.

We get very little price break on iPads (roughly $20 discount per unit) but the extra year of coverage may make it worthwhile for you to order an iPad through the school.

Q: What about 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity?

The school provides WiFi connectivity within the dorms and classroom areas. While some models of the iPad are equipped to use 3G/4G/LTE cellular connections in addition to WiFi we recommend purchasing the WiFi only models as we will require cellular functionality be turned off while the students are at school.

Q: What other accessories etc. should I buy?

Depending on how a student plans on using the iPad the kind of accessories needed will change. It is required that all iPads have some kind of protection. There are a large variety of cases available. For students who tend to be harder on their technology a more rugged option may be preferable.

If a student peffers to use a traditional laptop style keyboard a bluetooth keyboard ($15 and up) may be useful.

Note: The school also has computer labs and multiple classroom sets of ChromeBooks available to supplement the iPads.

A spare Charger and charge cable ($40.00) is also not a bad idea.

As said above, we also strongly recommend purchasing AppleCare.

Q: What does AppleCare cover?

AppleCare is two years of repair and replacement of iPad parts and included accessories given the damage is inherent to the device. Accidental damage caused to the iPad is permitted twice under AppleCare and costs $49 for each servicing. For further details on what is covered, visit the AppleCare site.

Q: What should we do about an Apple ID?

Apple IDs are accounts for downloading apps, storing data in iCloud and associating with Apple devices and are linked to an email address.

Every student in the Tablet Program has an Apple ID created by the school. During the academic day this account should always be signed in to the App Store and iBooks app.