Human Brain & Diet Examination

One of the primary characteristics that distinguish humans from other species is  our large brain.  As a result, we are a species capable of thinking, reasoning, and learning beyond any other species.  Yet, what caused humans (Homo sapiens) to have larger brains than other species?  A multitude of research and data suggest that the large brain size of humans is connected to changes in diet, specifically the consumption of cooked meat. In this examination you will examine some of the research and discussion concerning this topic.

Objective: Discuss the correlation between the change in diet and increase in brain size during hominid evolution


Select three of the following resources, you are also welcome to search for you own but ensure they are from reputable sources (i.e. not yahoo answers).  After reading/listening/viewing the resources compose a summarized poster of your selected resources that completes the following:

  1. Present the evidence provided by the sources for the correlation between human diet and brain size
  2. Suggest how these diet changes may have arose
  3. Include at least three different sources

Your poster should include visual to assist in your explanation (artwork quality will not be judged) and include a list of sources consulted.  Posters will be shared so that all may benefit from your research.