Email, response to PolitiFact Texas including email from Mark Levin, from Brendan Steinhauser, director of communications, Right on Crime, Texas Public Policy Foundation, March 6, 2013

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This should help you. Thanks!

If you just search the PDF for oyster you will find each of the 16.

It enumerates 16 felonies relating to oysters among the 2,324 felonies listed. Some are rather similar or are enhancement s of previous offenses, but the Parole Board presumably uses a consistent methodology to delineate each separate offense. However, the lower number – 11 – allows for some that the Parole Board counts as separate offenses which some might consider to be essentially the same offense.

Also, there are numerous misdemeanors concerning oysters – primarily in the Parks & Wildlife Code – that are not among the Parole Board list, as this list is only felonies.

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Marc Levin, Esq.

Director, Center for Effective Justice, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Policy Director, Right on Crime

Brendan Steinhauser

Director of Communications

Right on Crime

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