Step-by-Step Ordering


  1. Log in to the  BOOK STORE LINK HERE                                                         
  2. Click on “Let’s Get Started
  3. Enter your Daughter’s full Email Address for SHOP by SCHEDULE  
  4. For Shop by Course, click on the down arrow under Department arrow next to the “2017-2018” School Year                                                                 
  5. Under the heading marked “Site,” check the appropriate Department boxes        
  6. Click to select all courses in which you are enrolled for next year         
  7. A complete list of course materials for the courses you have selected will appear. Some courses have important teacher messages that are highlighted in boxes; please read them. Above the title of each item is a notice stating whether it is Required or Optional for the course. For a year long course, select Fall. On the right of the screen are your options to buy the item new from MBS Direct, buy it used, buy digital access (for VitalSource ebooks and other digital materials), Rent or buy from “Marketplace Sellers” (third-party vendors similar to Amazon). After making your selections, click “Proceed to Checkout”                                

    9.  Review all the items in your cart and click “Check out now.”


       10. If you are a new customer, please create an account on the right side of the

          screen and WRITE DOWN the email/password for safekeeping as you will use

          that same login combination to order your books year after year and sell them

          back at the end of each year. If you’ve created an account, enter your email

          and password and proceed to “Checkout now”

   11.  Once you are logged in, a screen appears entitled, “Ok, now it’s time to tell us

          who is getting what.” Please enter the first and last name for each student for

          whom you are buying

   12.  Under “Review your courses,” click on the drop down menu next to the first

          course. Select the appropriate student’s name. Repeat as needed through the

          list of courses

   13.         If your order includes electronic materials, click “Next Step: eContent.” Access

 to electronic content will be given to the student through an email from MBS          

 Direct. Select the student’s email address you entered previously on the

 dropdown menu for the ‘eContent’ item

14. Review your shipping and billing address

15. Proceed through the checkout by choosing your shipping method and      payment options. Free shipping on orders over $99 from August 4 - 18!

   16. Review and “Submit Your Order” and sit back and wait for your books to arrive!

Questions? Contact Customer service: 1-800-325-3252 or customerservice @mbsdirect.net






MBS Book Purchasing - 2017