Welcome to New and Improved Online Syllabus Management 

What’s New?

Why Create an Online Syllabus?

How to Get Started with OSM?

Access My Courses

Log into OIRA Resources either by clicking the channel on the Faculty tab in MyBama or by visiting http://oira.ua.edu and using the OIRA Resources link at the top.  Once there, you will see an Online Syllabus Management link. This will take you to the My Courses dashboard. Your courses are divided by term.

**Managers will have to choose the My Courses link at the bottom of the Manager’s Dashboard.

Create a New Syllabus

Edit a Syllabus

Import from Another Syllabus

In the syllabus editing view, choose the Import Content Tab at the top of the page. Select from a list of your courses or similar courses. Choose the View Sections link to select the sections that you want to import into your new syllabus. Check any section you want to include. Click the Import Selections button.

**If you choose to import content from a section that already exists in this syllabus, the content will be replaced in the current syllabus.

Manage Classes for a Syllabus

In the syllabus editing view, choose the Manage Classes Tab at the top of the page. Choose the Add Classes button to choose classes to add to the grouped syllabus. All courses will share the same content, but will maintain distinct course information, including instructors, books, and prerequisites.

To remove classes from your grouped syllabus, choose the Manage Classes Tab at the top of the page. Under the Add classes section, you will see the “Remove Items from Syllabus” section. Check the classes you would like to remove and click the Delete button. If you remove all the classes for the syllabus, you will need to confirm that you want to delete the syllabus. At least one course must be listed on the syllabus, or the syllabus will be deleted.

Publish a Syllabus

In the syllabus editing view, choose the View Tab at the top of the page. Review this view to make sure the syllabus is correct and complete. Click the Publish Syllabus button.

Once a syllabus is publish, a Published Link and a Private Link will be created. The Published Link will only display the public content or UA wide content for logged in users. The Private Link is the full syllabus view. This link can be emailed to students, pasted into blackboard, or shared with a colleague.

After a syllabus is published, it MUST be republished for changes to take effect on the Published and Private Links. The links will not change when the syllabus is republished. Although you should inform your students that there is a change to the syllabus, you will not need to resend the link or repost it to blackboard.