Interviewer: So today on The Author Nightly, we have a special guest… Yann Martel. Today we're here to talk about Yann's new deluxe edition featuring a lost chapter of his most popular novel Life of Pi, which has already won 3 awards and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Yann Martel: Hello, thank you for having me!.

Interviewer: it's a pleasure to have you here Yann.

Interviewer: So what is Life of Pi for our viewers that don't know?

Yann Martel: Life of Pi is fundamentally a story about a family who immigrates to Canada, and along the way their ship sinks, leaving their youngest son Pi at sea with a couple of animals from their zoo. Despite the odds, he has to find a way to survive.

Interviewer: Sounds like an interesting story. So where did this lost chapter come from?

Yann Martel: The chapter had originally been included in the story, but I removed it.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to take this chapter out?

Yann Martel: The chapter doesn't really have anything to do with Pi. I essentially wanted the book to just be Pi telling a story, and for the book to focus on him. The lost chapter didn’t blend in and was more of a backstory that didn’t include a lot about Pi. So for those reasons, I decided to remove it.

Interviewer: I can see where you're coming from. So what is in this lost chapter, and what made you want to release this deluxe edition?

Yann Martel: The lost chapter is essentially the backstory to how Pi meets his wife Meena.

I included this chapter because I believed it would be a fun twist to Pi's life for interested readers.

In addition, I wanted to include this chapter because I think it really ties in how much of a miracle life is, and how small details can impact it. It’s a happier point in the book, that I think my readers are entitled to due to the tone of my story. The chapter answers a lot of unanswered questions about Pi’s life after his devastation that people have when they first read my book.

Interviewer: With that being said, what perspective did you write this chapter in and why?

Yann Martel: I wrote this chapter in Meena's perspective because majority of the book is already written in Pi’s point of view. I thought it would be an innovative twist, and allow readers to learn more about Meena. It enables you to know more than just her as title as Pi's wife. By writing it in Meena’s point of view, it allows you to know that was going on from a different outlook.

I also believe my readers deserved to know how they met, because she wasn't mentioned in the story after her first appearance. So the deluxe version is my way of fixing all these problems.

Interviewer: Wow! It sounds like this deluxe edition will have your dedicated readers running to stores!

Yann Martel: Hopefully they'll enjoy it just as much as my original story, and will wonder why it was even taken out!

Interviewer: Well you heard it here first folks, that's the end of our interview with Yann Martel. Tune in next week to see our interview with J.K Rowling!