Guide to Using Google Calendars

You can find (if you haven’t already) a calendar of Petanque in the East Midlands via the EMPA blogsite at:

A Google calendar is a very flexible system providing a variety of options for the viewer

When you have found a useful calendar you are strongly recommended to Bookmark/Favourite to your Bookmarks Bar so that you can access it quickly in future. (If you do not know how to do this, please ask)

General use:

Click on any event for a pop-out box to reveal more information e.g. ….

 …. or ….

…. Click on (map) for a map and the option to obtain directions. Click on any images in the Description area to link to websites and documents

Use the left and right arrows near the top right of the calendar  to look at other months or ‘jump’ to another month using the date selector  ….

…. which opens up like this:

Use  or  to select a month and then click on any date number

The East Midlands petanque calendar comprises several calendars overlaid. (You can visualise this by thinking of a stack of acetate sheets)

To choose which of these are displayed:

Click on the downward arrow  at the top right of the calendar

Deselect any calendars you do not want to see using the check boxes

(These can be reselected if required)

To view the calendar as a list:

click on  near the top right of the calendar  

To Print or Download the calendar:

First choose which calendars are displayed (see above) and

choose which view you prefer (Month or Agenda [list] - see  above)

Then click on

Uncheck the six small check boxes (recommended)


Choose the exact Date range you require using the ‘Print Range’ button:

and the date selector boxes:

Alter the ‘Font size’ if required

(Note that you can see how many pages will result from your choices)

Now you can download the calendar by clicking on ‘Save As …’

or print the calendar by clicking on ‘Print’

 (Note that any Print option on your PC should allow you to Save a version of a file [instead of printing it] because one of the print options will be to Save [or Print-to-a-File])

Important Note: any online version of a calendar is updated automatically when the creator edits the original calendar BUT any Printed or Downloaded calendar will NOT be updated. Therefore, if you use a downloaded or printed version of the calendar you should always check the online calendar for updated information in respect of particular events of interest

Notice that our East Midlands petanque calendar incorporates the EPA calendar. This means that whenever the EPA update their calendar, our calendar is immediately updated automatically

If you have questions/suggestions/comments/amendments/additions please contact

If you are interested in building a calendar of this nature, embedding one in a website, creating direct links to a calendar or inserting pictures and links, please also contact us. Note that you can link other calendars into your own calendar (if you have one) including National Holidays, your football team’s fixtures, sunrise/sunset times etc. Google calendar entries can be easily programmed to send you Reminders by email &/or direct to your smartphone etc [The Calengoo App is recommended]