Student  Creation of an Account in TURNITIN

Linn-Benton Community College

In order to use Turnitin, students must have a Turnitin account. To create an account, you must have a seven-digit class ID and class enrollment password, which can only be provided by your instructor. If you have used Turnitin in the past, see the warning below before creating another account/profile.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the email box in the upper right corner,click on the link “Create Account”.
  3. On the next window, under the “Create a New Account” heading, click on the “Student” link.
  4. Follow the directions on the New User page. You must have a Class ID# and class enrollment password to complete your profile.(Do not cut and paste into these fields.)
  5. Once enrolled, your class will show on your homepage.
  6. Click on the class name and you will see the assignments and submissions for that class.

Warning: If you have used in the past, then you may already have an account. Do not create a new account.  Students who have previously created a Turnitin profile will need to log into their existing accounts, as creating duplicate accounts with duplicate class enrollments can cause issues.  To fix these issues, your instructor, possibly the school administrator, and the Turnitin Help Desk will need to be involved.

Helpful Definitions:

Class ID #  - This is a unique 7 digit identification number for your class.  Your instructor will give you this number.  You need this number to enroll in the class.  If you do not have a Class ID# or have forgotten it, you must contact the instructor.  Turnitin does not provide this information.

Enrollment Password – Your enrollment password is provided by your instructor.  If you have not received one, or the one you have is incorrect, you must contact the class instructor.  Turnitin does not provide this information.   (Reminder - All Turnitin passwords are case-sensitive.)

When submitting written work: Before submitting your work onto the turnitin course site, make all edits and save your final work in rich text format. This format will not lose any formatting within your paper as it travel via the internet and reappears for your instructor to view. This is extremely important as formatting errors with APA can cost you points.