Create a Trello account

Open Sacha’s board

Set your avatar

Find tasks

Assign yourself a task

Work with labels

Filter cards by type

See cards that are assigned to you

See cards using your profile

Mark a task as in progress

Work with due dates

Mark a card as waiting

Marking a task as done

This guide was prepared by Amanda Bassett. Feel free to ask Sacha Chua ( if you need more help.

Create a Trello account

Welcome to Sacha’s Trello board! If you’ve never used Trello before, it can be a lot to take in at first, but don’t worry - once you get the hang of navigating it, it’s really easy!

The first thing you’ll have to do is create your own profile for Trello (if you haven’t done that already). Like most websites, they make this a rather simple process. Just go to and find the conveniently located blue button prompting you to join for free.

(Of course there are some premium memberships available if you want more stickers and little features like that, but for this board it’s not at all necessary.)

Trello - Sign up, it's free.jpg

If you missed the blue button in the center, there’s a green one in the top right hand corner. Some people like corners better. Some like green more than blue. Choose whichever you like best. They both get the job done.

Account Details.jpg

Now’s the fun part. You get to choose your name and password. Signing up for Trello is really simple. They don’t need your ID or anything. You’ll have to put your email address in and confirm it before you can use the account, so make sure that’s legit even if you decide to go by the alias Ghetto Superstar...if that is what you are...reaching for the...never mind. Trello doesn’t ask questions.

Verify you're a ghetto superstar.jpg

Just click the green button and you’re about ready to work!

Welcome Board.jpg

Once your account is verified and you’ve logged in to Trello, you will be brought to the main Trello platform, where you will choose which board to work with. If you want some extra advice about using Trello, they provide a Welcome Board full of examples and information.

Trello Welcome Board.jpg

If you’d like to navigate this board a little bit before starting on Sacha’s To-Dos and Delegation board, feel free!

Open Sacha’s board

To get back to Sacha’s board though, you will have to go up into the left hand corner to the button that says “Boards,” and click her board from the dropdown menu. If she hasn’t added you to the board yet, you can find it at , but you can’t do anything with it until she adds you. Contact her at with the e-mail address you used to sign up.

Drop Down Menu.jpg

If you have a lot of boards to choose from, you can search for them in the search bar at the top of the drop down menu.

Now you’re in Sacha’s to-dos and delegation board! Go ahead and give yourself a second to take it all in. You’ll probably refer to this board often, so you may want to bookmark it in your browser.

Sacha's board.jpg

Set your avatar

It can help a lot to upload a picture to identify yourself with when you’re putting together your profile. The Trello profile is self-explanatory like most other websites. Just click on your name and a drop-down menu will lead you to your account settings.


Most of us will start out with just our initials, but if you have a picture you like on your computer of, say, an adorable hedgehog in a party hat, you can browse and change it.Initials.jpg

That will make it easier for you to identify which cards you’ve been assigned to work on (or which ones you’ve assigned yourself.)

Find tasks

Once you’ve gotten your feet a little wet, you can browse the first column called “Ready to do or delegate.” Scroll down and look for tasks that suit you. With Sacha it’s great to play to your strengths, because she loves to help you improve at what you’re passionate about.

Ready to do or delegate.jpg

When you find a card that you think you would be amazing at or you want to give it a try, click on the card itself. A window will appear for your compact (yet infinite) virtual index card, and you will get a lot more information about the project. There are descriptions that outline all the details, usually including links that will make your job a lot easier.

Clicking a card.jpg

If you scroll down on the card, you can communicate directly with Sacha and other people who might be assigned to the same project. You can share links here too, which can come in handy if you’re working on a Google Doc. Use the comments to report progress you’re making on your assignment.

Assign yourself a task


When you decide a card is up your alley, there is a button on the right that says “Members.” If you click it, a drop down menu will appear and you can find your name on the list. Click it, and your adorable hedgehog in a party hat will appear in the corner of the card from then on. This makes it easy to identify the cards you are assigned to.

Adding yourself to the card.jpg

Work with labels

If you’re having a bit of trouble figuring out which assignments will be up your alley, Trello allows each card to be colour-coded using labels. Sacha has provided labels for the cards. Drawing assignments are green, writing is yellow, tech/design is orange, web research is red, transcription is purple, and admin/data entry is blue.


You don’t have to remember them all, but if you’re stronger at writing than, say, transcription like I am, you’re going to want to remember the yellow label when you scroll through the “Ready to do” column.

Label Colors.jpg

Filter cards by type

Now, if you’d rather keep everything more clean-cut so you only see cards that might apply to you, you can find the sidebar at the left hand side of the screen. Click that if yours isn’t already showing.


The sidebar is a cool little tool where you can track other people’s progress on the cards and get notifications about changes that are made. When the sidebar opens, just click Menu and another drop-down menu will appear, where you will find the option to filter cards.

Filter cards.jpg

Here you can choose which labels you want to see. I chose to filter mine so I can exclusively view the writing cards. You can see right away that the board shrinks considerably and you won’t have to look for the cards you know you’ll be good at. You can choose more than one label to filter, and if you decide you don’t like them anymore, kick them to the curb by clicking the X in the green box that says “Filter is On.”

Filter cards-writing.jpg

See cards that are assigned to you

Sometimes, Sacha will assign cards for you to work on. Usually you will be notified, but if you somehow lose track of the work you’re meant to do, there’s a simple way to view the cards assigned to you. Just go to your name in the left hand corner and click it to get your drop-down menu there.


When you click “Cards,” you will be taken to a screen full of all the past and present cards that have been assigned to you!

Your Cards.jpg

See cards using your profile

These cards are also accessible from your profile. Just click on the “Cards” tab under your name.

Cards from Profile.jpg

Mark a task as in progress

Once you’re on track and know which card you’re going to work on and you want to get started, go ahead and move it from the “Ready to do” column to the “In progress” column. Do this simply by clicking on the card and dragging it to the next column like so.

Whoosh! In Progress.jpg

Work with due dates

Once you’ve chosen a card to work on, make sure to check if it has a due date. They appear at the bottom of each card on the board. If your assigned card has no due date, you can do it on your own time. Otherwise, keep the date in mind.The due dates change colours depending on the urgency of your deadline to remind you that it’s coming up.

Due Date.jpg

If Sacha wants you to do something that you’re not ready for yet though, go ahead and leave it in the “Ready to do column” and assign it to yourself for when you’re able to get started. Just be considerate - she keeps her cards roughly in order of importance, so if you’re assigned to a card at the top of the list, it would be awesome to get it done as soon as you can.

Mark a card as waiting

However, if you’re ready and others are not and you need to wait on some feedback or another person’s part to finish a project, you can move your card to the “Waiting” column. Trello cards lead exciting lives full of change and adventure.


You can edit the title or description of the cards. Once your card is in the “Waiting” column, you can change the title to make it easy to see whatever it is you’re waiting for.

Confirmation of Awesome.jpg 

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Mark a task as done


You’re DONE! So now you can fly that bad boy into the “Done/Ready for Review” column! Of course you should definitely notify Sacha as soon as you finish so that she can get her review on. Once it’s cleared by her, Sacha will be able to archive the card and give you a metaphorical gold star and high five - simultaneously because she’s just good like that.

So those are the basics of Trello! If you have any other questions, Sacha can be reached on Skype or e-mail at If you need to make an appointment to chat with her, check her out at Good luck, and have fun with your newfound knowledge of Trello! It’s an amazing platform for goal-oriented people. Use it to your advantage. Even Ghetto Superstar has a board now!


Take care!