Registration procedure for ICSR 2015

Please read all this document before proceeding to the registration.

** Authors registration will be open until 8 September 11PM Paris time**

In case this document does not include answers to your questions, please send an email to : 

The registration procedure for ICSR 2015 involves 3 steps.

ICSR 2015 uses the CNRS AZUR software for registration. A few points are not very clear and we could not change them (hence the explanations below).

Two means of payment are possible for ICSR 2015:

STEP1: Preregistration

You first need to pre-register. You will have to provide the following pieces of information:

You should get a screen with the message

“Your preregistration has been saved”

(possibily followed by a screen with the list of the conferences managed by AZUR at the moment).

Please use the following link to go through STEP 1  for preregistration: 

STEP2: you will receive an email

Once we have manually validated your preregistration (hence expect a few hours delay, especially during the night, Paris time), you will receive an email similar to the text below:

Click on the link in this email to proceed to payment.

STEP3: Payment

Following your click on the link provided in the email, the following page will be displayed. Input information as indicated.

The following screen will be displayed:

In the “Extra information” section:

A screen will be displayed with the information you provided for your organization. Please click on the “NEXT STEP” button.

The following screen will then display:

If you are paying with your credit card, leave the option “You are paying the invoice” selected and click on the “OK” button.

The screen below will display.

The item you selected during preregistration for “Tarification” will be displayed with the corresponding rate.

Please check the lunch for the dates at which you want to have lunch at the conference site.

Please check the “Social dinner” checkbox if you plan to attend the social dinner. Additional tickets might not be available on site if you do not check this box.

The screen below will display.

Please note that the “Transfer” option for payment is only allowed for French public organizations. If this happens to be your case, click on the “?” besides this item to get additional information.

The screen below will display. Click on “FINISH”.

You will be directed on a secured web site. The screen below will display. Please input your credit card information.