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This course uses models, hands-on labs, simulations, discussion and reflection to help students gain an understanding of basic concepts of waves, electricity and magnetism, motion, force, momentum, energy and gravity.

Iowa Core Skills and Standards

Iowa Core Physical Sciences, including waves, electricity and magnetism, motion, force, momentum, energy, and gravity.

Why It Matters

Physics is a course strongly suggested by the Regents Universities for admission to college, as well as for STEM-related careers.  Iowa Core Physical Science standards are required of ALL Iowa students.

Lab Requirements

The course content is online. Students will use online simulations or equivalent apps as part of this course. Hands-on labs require household materials, including string, tape, styrofoam cups, balls, sand, washers, glass baking dish, kitchen materials, measuring utensils, and general school supplies including protractor and scientific calculator. Schools will need to provide access to a stopwatch and simple lab equipment such as graduated cylinders, meter sticks, thermometers and protractor.

This course uses ExploreLearning Gizmos interactive simulations. Gizmos are now accessible on Chromebooks, Macs, PCs and other mobile devices, like iPads, via a web browser. Visit the system test page to check your current installation(s). ILO provides students with an account and access to the site with no additional fee to the school.

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Additional Notes

Iowa Learning Online operates on a semester model, offering enrollments for Fall, Spring and Summer. Students must be enrolled each semester for the appropriate segment of the course they wish to take.

Major Topics and Concepts

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

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Module 5

Module 6