UsabilityHub Results- Seasoned Harvest

Image A

The 5 second test  

The number in the ( ) indicates # of users.

What do you think this company offers?” appears after 5 seconds of viewing Image A.

11 responses

(3) Groceries

(2) Food delivery

(1) Grocery delivery        

(1) fresh fruit

(1) Fresh food

(1) Food

(1) Good

Researcher's Thoughts: 90.90% recognized it as food related. 3 users used the word delivery. Maybe there is a way to focus on delivery more.

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4 Questions about the Landing Page Design (Image A above)

The number in the ( ) indicates # of users.

What is the first thing that catches your eye? Any reason?

9 responses total

(6) Food baskets

Quote detail: The giant grocery basket image. It is the most colorful and largest image.

(3) Green

Quote detail: color cheerful

Researcher's Thoughts: 66.66% said food basket, so that image is effective.

What do you LIKE about the design of this page? Why?

Researcher's Thoughts: This is what Seasoned Harvest is going for.

What do you DISLIKE about the design of this page? Why?

Researcher's Thoughts: Check to be sure that only the fonts on the style file are on the landing page. Make the business name bigger. Look at the coloring and adjust if needed.

Is there anything else that we should add or clarify on that would make someone more likely to sign up?

Researcher's Thoughts: Overall, the landing page seems to be clear and effective.

The next two questions were split between two groups. Usabilityhub only allowed 5 questions (the ones above) and I wanted to ask 6.

Please look at left side where it says "See if we deliver in your area!" You put your zipcode and click on the orange button to see a map. What would you have the orange button say to get people to click on it? (Current button says, “Save me time!”)

Researcher's Thoughts: More testing may be needed.

Can you think of a better name than Seasoned Harvest?

Researcher's Thoughts: We will leave the name as Seasoned Harvest.

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The following style tests were split between two different groups. I had several users and made it so they only had to do 3 tests vs. 5 in hopes it would lower survey abandonment.

Test C - Product Window Styles6032924443934720.png

Researcher's Thoughts: Alternative 1 wins. It is not a major difference.

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Test D - Shopping Cart Styles


Researcher's Thoughts: Alternative 1 wins but not by much. Further testing would be needed to determine if one is more effective than the other.