Nicholas Pereira

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To work in reputable software company designing, programming, and maintaining software that will be used by thousands of people worldwide.


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science  in Computer Science — 2012 - 2016                           

  • Computer Architecture with Bill Young, Fall 2013
  • Major projects: A pdp-8 emulator written in C, capable of running all the commands and functions of the original 16 bit computer.
  • Data structures with Mike Scott, Spring 2013
  • Major projects: Huffman file compression program, Mastermind game, Evil hangman game, and Caesar cipher.
  • Logic, Set, and Function with Adam Klivans, Spring 2013
  • Presidential Achievement Scholarship
  • The President's Achievement Scholarship is designed to recognize Texas high school scholars from low and middle-income households who perform at a very high academic level.

University of Texas at Brownsville

Dual enrollment classes — 2008 - 2012

  • GPA: 3.68


  • Proficient in : C, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experienced with: Python, Perl, JSON, XML, Ruby


Intern Programmer, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Las Vegas, Nevada — June 2014 - August 2014

  • Implemented Python and Ruby programs with social media API for data mining to assist in digitization efforts for the marketing goals of the company. Learned how to process user information in a hadoop environment.

Student Assistant, Purchasing office at University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science

Austin, Texas — September 2012 - Present

  • Assist with departmental purchasing, clerical duties, department inventory, printer maintenance, resolve shopreq tickets through the unix terminal, UTCS web updates, machine check out and deployment to faculty and grad students, other  duties as assigned.

Freelance Projects

  • Virus removal, installation of anti-virus software, computer training involving Microsoft Office, online e-mail, and general web browsing, wireless and wired network setup for clients including friends, family, and teachers.


Indeed Hackathon Competition

  • Participated on 10/14/2013

Google CSSI (Computer Science Summer Institute)

Mountain View, California — Summer 2012

  • Intense three week curriculum taught by Google engineers at the Google headquarters in California. Curriculum included several programming languages, problem solving skills, and elementary programming concepts. Gained group project collaboration and leadership skills  from the final project.
  • Final product:
  • Received a scholarship from Google with this summer program

ACM Club at the University of Texas at Austin

  • Member, 2012 - Present

University of Texas Pep Band

  • Member, Fall 2013 - present

University of Texas Steel Drum Band

  • Member, Spring 2013 - present

Student Volunteer Connection

  • Volunteered at a beach cleanup in Corpus Christi on September 2013


  • Trilingual: English, Spanish, French
  • Musically inclined: French horn, steel drum, guitar, ukulele, and piano
  • Solve Rubik’s cubes