Programs and class fees

~ Early Childhood Education & Relational and Behavioral Intervention

~ Home & School Educational, Behavioral, Employment Assessment & Planning

~ Certificate and Graduation programs PreK-grade 12

~ Transition to Adulthood, Internships & Employment Programs

~ After School Classes and Social Groups

~ Summer Enrichment Camp

~ Young Adult Independent Living Programs

~ In-Home Respite Care & Life Skills Training

~ Pet Therapy

~ Music Therapy

~ Art Therapy

HopeWell parents can choose from our Spring, Summer and Fall Individual Class, One Day or Two Day programs for half days (10a - noon or 1p - 3p)  or full days (10a - 3p). Our Social Skills based Lunch Bunch and Recess Sessions are available for students to attend as an addition to any individual class and half day programs.

Our Fall & Spring semesters classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-3pm.

Summer Enrichment classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10am-2pm.

Our individual classes and half day programs are meant to complement a homeschool curriculum already in place, whereas two and three day programs (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) provides curriculum structure support to meet the educational needs of students on campus and at home.

Class offerings will vary from year to year as student need and interests change. Current classes are:

Life Skills, Everyday Math Strategies & Games, Language Arts: Grammar, Research & Writing, Social Skills Lunch Bunch with recess, Interpersonal Relationships & Public Communications, Christian Life/Bible, History, Geography, Writing & Art Through the Ages, Informational Technology, Computer Coding & Gaming, Physical Education, Chess Club, Pet therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy & more…

Are your classes and programs only for kids with Autism or other Special Education Needs?”

Although HopeWell’s classes and programs are designed to include and meet unique learning and developmental needs, our “embrace and celebrate diversity” philosophy, practical, classical education and Recurring Looping Styles meet educational and social needs for almost any child and young adult.

What are the tuition costs?

We strive to keep our fees reasonable to help ease the financial strain that having a developmentally unique child can bring. Parents may choose which programs and classes might fit their schedules and financial budgets best. Supply fees will vary based on classes students are registered for each semester, and will be provided once the online application (found on home page) has been completed.

Fall, Spring & Summer Individual Classes

Each Class Session                                $15/session

Social Skills/ Social Gatherings                     $15/session

Fall/ Spring Classes

1 Full Day/week                                        $300/month

2 Full Days/week                                        $600/month

3 Full Days/week                                        $900/month

One Half Day/week                                       $150/month                                                                                            

Two Half Days/week.                                    $300/month

Three Half Days/week                                $450/month

Summer Program Fees

1 Full Day/week                                               $60/week

2 Full Days/week                                      $120/week

3 Full Days/week.                                           $180/week

1 Half Day/week                                              $30/week

2 Half Days/week                                      $60/week