Sisters Macfarlane, Fouti-Makaya and Gomes


Sisters Gomes, Takeshige and Davis


Sisters Baker, Valenzuela, and Klippel


A long row of beautiful sisters:

Sisters Gomes, Macfarlane, Fouti-Makaya, Ransom, Pasomkla, Myagmar,

Tuttle, Sanchez, Cutrer, Chua, Fang, Triptree, Mones and Canda


Sisters Ripa, Skouson, Yoshida-Field and Evans


Sisters Revoredo, Sine, Mark and Rodriguez R.

Front row L-R: Sisters Mones and Canda

Back row L-R: Sisters Shum, Clement, Sturzenegger, Smithson, Donald and Kolarova


Front row L-R: Sisters Gemio, Phasomkla, Tuttle and Sanchez

Middle row L-R: Sisters Lam, Tekurio, Ueno, Murillo, Monzalvo, Rodriguez, and Contreras

Front row L-R: Sisters Sturzenegger

Back row L-R: Sisters Sigaran, Morales B., Chuy and Beltrán


Front row L-R:  Sisters Clement, Sturzenegger and Smithson

Back row L-R: Sisters Semenova, Strihavka, Sigaran and Morales B.

Front: Sister Fang

Back row L-R: Sisters Tekurio, Herr, Alliaud, Chaiyapat, and Lakshmanan


L-R:  Sisters Takeshige, Davis, Chuah, Jeong and Seol


Sisters Da Luz, Revoredo, Ramos and Morales



Sisters Wong, Lam, Tekurio, Ueno and Murillo



L-R:  Sisters Pierre; Günther, Herr and Alliaud



L-R:  Sister Sharp and Sister Shum


Sister Beltrán


Sisters Surace, Valdez, Ward and Gemio


Front: Sister Myagmar

Back row L-R:  Sisters Parks, Liu, Fuimaono, and Calderon

Front row L-R: Sisters Telurio, Murillo, Monzalvo, Rodrigues, and Contreras

Back row L-R:  Sisters Gemio, Ward, Dolbin, Hammer, Schalk, Clark A.


Sisters Leavitt, Chiu and Shin



Front row:  Sister Clark A. and Sister Pierre

Back row:  Sister Engmann and Sister Cysewski

Front row: Sister Leavitt and Sister Chiu

Back row: Sister Lyu and Sister Bodota



Sister O’Reilly and Sister Pech



Sisters Kemple, Clark T., Nevil, Roberts and Shumway


Sister Risenmay, Sister Rubio and Sister Soohkoo



Sister Ashton, Sister Nyamdeleg and Sister Risenmay


Sister Ueno, Sister Tekurio and Lam

Sister Sharp in the background


The Assistants to the President, Sisters Sommerfeldt and Sister Eging in the back

Sister Cochain and Sister Nyamdeleg in the middle

Sister Wight and Sister Fischer in the front