Vinland Valley Soccer Association

Soccer Drills



Build a grid approximately the size of the center circle with two goals in the middle of the circle. The actual size of the grid will vary depending on the age and skill level of the players. With all players in the playing area, dedicate 9 players with the ball, and 2 players without a ball will be the "Pirates".


Instruct the "Pirates" without the ball to defend the players with the balls. Once the Pirate wins the ball, they attempt to score in either of the goals in the middle of the circle. If the Pirate scores the goal, that player too becomes a Pirate. Play continues until the last player with the ball wins. If the pirates have a hard time getting started, the coach can help the pirates at first.

Coaching Points

Attacking: keep the ball close with head up so the players are aware of defenders and safety areas (space). If the ball is lost, recover quickly and fight to win it back.

Defending: Transition quickly from defense to offense and stay focused once the ball is won, and find the target.