Shared Media is a new feature introduced with Viewer 2. It's more powerful and flexible than the older parcel media, letting you put Internet content on any prim surface you can change, with new browser-like controls, and without the land restrictions.  

Parcel media cannot be divided making it impossible to give to multiple users on the same parcel.  Shared media fixes this issue and also is way better in the first place.  Millions of radio stations and even real legit tv is available!


Viewers that support Shared media

  1. Official Viewer
  2. Phoenix Firestorm

Not all the viewers that support Shared Media are listed above.  The viewer software listed above have been tested for support.

Viewers that do not support shared media

  1. Singularity - According to the website they have plans in the future to update their software to support newer technology like shared media until they do we recommend not using this viewer.

Is your viewer not listed above and you're having difficulty?  Email and we will test any official third party viewer for functionality.  Subject: Shared Media Viewer Test.


Step 1.  Locate the shared media prim which you will be using to stream music, watch videos or surf the internet with friends.  You can grab a free copy of our TV here:

Step 2. You can usually click on the zoom icon that appears above the shared media prim to activate its content or simply double click on the prim itself.

Optional 3.  In the event the steps above did not turn on your shared media you will need to troubleshoot.

A) Make sure your media settings are not paused

B) We are listening to our customers to find out if there are any other issues or steps we need to add. Email if something not listed here worked for you.


Known issues for SL official Viewer:

A) Volume - When your cam distance is further away from the shared media source prim the sound will automatically decrease based on the distance.  Sometimes this can also cause music streams to entirely stop or begin to skip.   Solution:    We found that on the Phoenix Firestorm viewer there were no cam volume distance issue.

Other known issues: 

B) Sound Overlapping - Shared media volume is different than Parcel Music.  If you don’t want to hear the parcel music simply turn off  “Streaming Music” using your viewer sound control on the top right of your viewer or from the “Sound & Media” tab within the preferences menu.


Step 1.   Open the preferences menu Me > Preferences or Ctrl-P

Step 2.  Select the “Sound & Media” tab and turn down the “streaming music” option or uncheck to disable then press ok.

C) Flash is not working -  Many residents get an error that flash is not installed even though it is installed on their computer.  The reason for this is because Second Life uses Apple based plugins.  If you can get flash to work on Apple Safari browser then it will work fine on Second life.    


Step 1. Close the your viewer then Download safari web broswer from

Step 2. Open your safari browser and download adobe flash plugin

Step 3. Reset your viewer if you didn't close it then flash should be working.


D) Sometimes the newest plugins are not supported by second life!

It has come to our attention that sometimes there is a 1-2 month delay before certain upgraded to flash or other plugins officially work.

Solution: Do not immediately upgrade your safari plugins to latest flash update or if you do and it doesn't work, then try using the previous version.