Woodhaven-Brownstown/Wayne County Community College District Early/Middle College Program (WWEMC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student take additional college courses at night to graduate on time within 4 year time frame?

No.  The state will provide the district money only equivalent to a student’s full time schedule.  This means that on a six hour day, a student could only take a combination of classes equivalent to six.  For example, 5 high school courses/1 college course = 6 courses; 4 high school courses/2 college courses = 6 courses.

How is SAT/ACT test impacted?  Should student still take the test?

All students in the state of Michigan are required to take state assessments which currently are the PSAT 8/9 in 9th grade, PSAT 10 in 10th grade, and the Michigan Merit Exam which includes the SAT assessment.

Where do you get the application online?

The application can be found on our website, www.wbsd.co, or by clicking here:  WWEMC Application

Will the college placement test (COMPASS) affect entry into the program?

The college placement test does not affect entry into the program.  The WBSD will use the application, past academic work, and teacher recommendations to determine entry into the program.  

How many students will be accepted into the program?

At this time, we are not putting a limit on the number of students accepted.  We want any student that wishes to take advantage of this program to have the opportunity to do so.

What happens if you start in 9th or 10th grade and decide the program is not right for the student?

We want students and families to be comfortable with the 5 year commitment to the program.  We will provide supports for students to be successful so that they can fulfill that commitment.  While we will not encourage students to quit the program, unless they are academically not able to succeed, we will respect the decision of the family to withdraw if needed.  

How does the program affect student athletes?

This is a decision that students and families will need to make based on the individual student.  Some students can manage on juggle both.  We can be flexible on our high school scheduling to give students the mornings off to take their college courses, but we can not guarantee that the courses that they need to complete their program will be offered by the college at that time.

How is GPA calculated?

GPA data will be calculated the same way.  For example, a grade of a “B” from the program would still equate to a “B” on a transcript equivalent to 3.00 using our standard scale.

Any statistics on amount of students accepted to 4 year colleges following the completion of the program?

Not at this time, but we have requested data from the Michigan Early Middle College Association.

Is it still a 5 year program if the student starts in 10th grade?

Yes.  Please refer to the sample pathway schedule for 10th grade.

Is there a difference between dual enrollment and early/middle college?

Yes.  Early/Middle College allows the student to earn up to 60 college credits in a formalized program.  Dual enrollment has many stipulations.  Students should have a qualifying score as outlined by the state of Michigan to participate in dual enrollment.  Students can not take courses as a dual enrollment option that are offered by the high school such as Advanced Placement option.  The state also limits the total amount of dual enrollment courses a student can take over the high school career at ten (10).

How are advanced placement classes affected by this program?

A student could potentially benefit from taking both Advanced Placement classes as well as participating in WWEMC.  Students should include any potential Advanced Placement options in their plan of work to ensure that they are taking the correct courses at WHS and WCCCD.

I’m going into 10th grade and if I have 2 elective classes that are both for a full year how is it decided which I don’t take for 2nd semester?

The WHS counselors would work with you to choose which elective to drop for the second half.  You could also postpone entry to the WWEMC to start your 11th grade year when the district opens the program to eleventh graders in 2017-18.

I have my classes all set up- gym, health, and choir.  Choir is a full year program.  As a 9th grade students, would a one semester class be removed from my schedule?

Yes a one semester elective would be removed from a student’s schedule.  If it does not work for this year, you could apply to the program as a 10th grade student.

What happens their senior year if they do not get their diploma until they finish the 13th year?

Students are still allowed to participate in all senior activities - prom, all-night party, graduation, etc.  They will not get their diploma until the final year of high school math requirement is completed.

If there is a failure in a class, is there probation?  What excludes you from the program?  

If a student fails a class, the student could continue in the program based on WBSD and WCCCD staff’s discretion.  The student would have to make up the failed course on their own time and at their own expense.  Two failed classes could result in the removal of the program.

My daughter would like to take Mandarin as her foreign language at WCCCD.  What if this class is only offered during a time that her high school classes are offered.  Can she take the class in the summer?

WCCCD does not offer Mandarin but the student could talk to their counselor about other viable options.  Courses can not be taken in the summer.

Will family income play a role?

Family income is not a determining factor for placement in the program.

If they are already registered for an Advanced Placement course can the student drop the AP course to enroll in the program?

Students can take AP courses and participate in the WWEMC concurrently.  If families and students do not think it is in the best interest of the student to do so, they may drop the AP course.

Will band students be able to participate?  

Students participating in extracurricular activities can participate, but scheduling the course may be difficult.  WHS may be able to block off the beginning of the student’s day to accommodate for college courses so that their evenings are free for extracurricular activities.

Can you start the WWEMC program later, say in the 11th or 12 grade?

Students can start the WWEMC program in the 11th grade starting in the 2017-18 school year.  Students must declare their desire to be a WWEMC student prior to start of 11th grade thus 12th graders can not participate.  12th graders can participate in traditional dual enrollment options if they qualify.

Can the 5th year math class be taken in the 12th grade year in place of an elective?

Michigan Merit Curriculum states that a student must take the one math credit in the student’s final year which will become the 13th year as part of the program.  A student can take a math class their 12th grade year but it will not meet the MMC requirement and will be purely for academic reasons.

What if a student decides that this is not the route for them mid-year through?  Can they still graduate with a 4-year diploma?

A student could still graduate if they schedule a 1 credit math course their senior year to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirement.  They would also have to meet all other MMC and Woodhaven-Brownstown School District’s diploma requirements.

Can we do vocational classes and WWEMC at the same time?

This would prove to be difficult because vocational courses take up ½ of a student’s schedule.  Many of the vocational programs offered by DCTC are similar to options offered by the WWEMC.

How does advanced math classes work with this program?

Advanced math classes work in coordination with the program and based on the student’s math placement score as well as previous math work, they may be able to take higher level math courses through the college.

If students do not complete the program, do they still get credit for the classes they did complete?

Yes, once credit is earned it will appear on the student’s transcript.