During the club expedition to Buckminster GC in 2012, which coincided with the Olympic Games, a local task was set which was named the Olympic Triangle. The purpose of the triangle was to encourage pilots to try flying a task whilst staying relatively close to the club. It was felt that this was a most worthwhile and fun task and our club could benefit from such a task. With that in mind the following task has been created using 3 BGA turn points. The points are the A697 / B6348 junction at Wooler where the road from Chatton crosses the iron bridge opposite Farm to Freeze. (WOO). The T junction on the B6351 at Kilham (KLH ) and the turn on the B6354 into Etal village (ETL). These are shown on the map. The task is saved as a briefing on FlightMap.


Total triangle distance :- 32.6 km so,  out to Wooler & 3 laps of the triangle is just over 100 km.

Legs : -

  1. Wooler to Kilham:    11.6 km
  2. Kilham to Etal:             8.0 km
  3. Etal to Wooler:          12.9 km

Distance from Milfield :-

So being at 2500’ at any of the turn points should enable you to get back to the site at 1000’ in reasonable conditions


Local Triangle map.jpg


This task MUST ALWAYS BE FLOWN CLOCKWISE (so we avoid any head on collisions)

The start and finish of the task is at Wooler and all TPs must be flown around.


10 points for each turn point rounded after starting plus:

a) 10 points bonus for each complete triangle

b) 10 point bonus for 2 seaters

c) Completing a triangle without circling - A further bonus of 10 points if done

d) See how fast you can complete a triangle - 10 point bonus for each 10km/hour over 40km/hour

We will have a score sheet in the Clubhouse, enter date, glider & pilot(s), 2 seaters are encouraged.