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Recce Report: TM7
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Tanah Merah Zone, Tanah Merah Site 7 (TM, TM7)

Last recce conducted by Joleen Chan and Olivia Lee

on 22 June 2019 from 9.30am - 12.45pm, during tide level of 0.6 - 1.9 metres


Tanah Merah Site 7 is located on the east of Singapore next to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

“Along the coastline of Tanah Merah, stretching from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to the Changi Naval Base, are sandy beaches, mudflats, rocky seawalls and breakwater. Although the shores have been reclaimed, this stretch of coast still supports a diversity of marine life.”

Cited from:

Figure 1. Location of TM7 in relation to Singapore’s mainland.

Accessibility of the site

Figure 2. Instructions on how to find the Information Office


Figure 3. Gate is to the beach at the far right of Carpark D signage.


Figure 4. Meeting point - Departure side of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Site description

Figure 5. Map of TM7, showing the ferry terminal, and displaying the locations of the different bays

Figure 6. Participants are to alight at the area marked ‘X’ in Carpark D in map above. The same corner is also where trash bags should be placed neatly for NEA contractors to collect.

Figures 7 and 8. View of TM7.

Figure 9. Sea wall that participants will walk down from to reach the beach below.


Figure 10. Pieces of styrofoam among organic debris. It is important to remove these small pieces of plastic as they continue to break down into smaller pieces.

Figure 11. Much trash accumulates near the start of the site.

Figure 12. Cutters will be needed to removed entangled trash items.

Figure 13. Buried jerry can.

Figure 14. Ropes and fishing lines can get tangled with tree roots so cutters are needed to remove such trash (2015).

Figure 15. Seen in 2015.

Figure 16. Plastic bottles, beverage cups, slipper and many other debris type (2019).

Figure 17. Trash load was lower than usual when the site was recce-ed in April 2016, but trash load tends to be higher in June - Sep.

Figure 18. Large trash such as this barricade are found on the beach (2015). It is alright to leave such heavy/buried items on the beach as they are unlikely to enter the sea again. Effort should be spent removing items that can be remobilised by tide.

Figure 19. Some trash are concentrated more inland (2016).


Figure 20. Be careful of wooden planks with protruding nails.


Figure 21. High trash load at some parts of the beach (2015).

Figure 22. Many straws and plastic cups were seen (2015).

Figure 23. More than 230 straws were gathered within a distance of 3 metres during a recce (2015).

Figure 24. Styrofoam beads from break up of larger styrofoam items. These can be removed using household sieves or baskets with small holes.

Figure 25. Much debris accumulate at the backshore near the vegetation.

Participants should be reminded not to pick up or take any organic materials such as sea shells and living organisms as they are natural components of the environment. Please also refrain from disturbing any wildlife seen on the beach. Below are a few of the common inhabitants of TM7.

Figure 26. A tiny sand bubbler crab about 1 to 1.5cm spotted on the beach. These little crustaceans are common at TM7 (2015).

Figure 27. Thousands of creeper snails (Batillaria zonalis) can be seen at low tide among the trash (2015).

Figure 28. A variety of button snails (Umbonium vestiarium) (2015). Participants should not take any shells or other organic debris with them.

Figure 29. Carpet anemone seen during low tides (2015). Do not touch these as they sting.

Figure 30. The accumulated trash at the high shoreline

Logistics and Manpower

Figure 31. Forming a human chain will ease the transporting trash bags up the seawall. Participants should always wear gloves when handling trash bags to protect themselves from cuts.


Figure 30. Directions from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Changi General Hospital (CGH) - Drive along Tanah Merah Coast Road, then turn into Changi Coast Road. Turn into Xilin Ave. Drive along Xilin Ave and Simei Ave until you reach CGH.