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4. Use Google Keep to organize your life
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Google Keep to Organize Your Life

There are lots of apps out there for to-do lists and notes, but my favorite is a little known App called Google Keep. Access Keep at Get the iPhone or Android app to sync notes with your phone.

I love it because it is super simple, can be shared with others (just like Docs, Slides & Sheets), and is always everywhere.

Some ways you might use it:

Make a todo list with checkboxes.

todo list.gif

Jot down a quick note (which you can conveniently send to a new Google Doc)

idea to doc.gif

Set a reminder to remind you to complete a task. The reminder automatically shows up in your Google Calendar.


Transcribe text from an image...yup, it can do that!

convert to text.gif

Quickly get a photo onto your computer/Chromebook by taking a photo in Keep on your phone, then opening Keep on your device.

Color code notes for easy organization.

And so much more. Enjoy!