Donation Request Form

At Heyday, we believe that it is important to give back to the community in which we operate, and each year we are proud to support dozens of local charitable events and organizations through product donations and sponsorships.

Ideal candidates for Heyday donations will be local non-profit organizations whose work directly improves the lives of Bozeman-area individuals.

Donations may come in one of three formats, depending on the event or organization parameters and at the discretion of the Heyday management team:

Name of organization requesting donation: _________________________________

Contact name and email address:  ___________________________________

Federal tax ID number:  ___________________

Date of event:  _________________

Deadline for donation:  ________________

Description of event or purpose of donation:

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Donation approval (circle one):          none        gift basket               gift card              sponsorship

Retail value of donation:  ______________

Donation description (attach receipt):

Manager approval signature:  _______________________   Date:  _______________