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Lindsay Lehman, Lissa Layman

Subject group and discipline

Grade 7 – Visual Arts & Design

Unit title

The Medium is the Message

MYP year


Unit duration (hrs)


Inquiry: Establishing the purpose of the unit

Key concept

Related concept(s)

Global context


Audience (Arts)

Expression (Arts)

Collaboration (Design)

Globalization and sustainability

Focus is being put on connections and relationships between local and global.

Statement of inquiry

The media used to deliver a message affects audience perception globally.

Inquiry questions

Factual — What are the different media used to convey a message?

                  What elements are used in a photograph to construct a powerful message?

Conceptual— How has technology changed the way messages are communicated?

                        How can photographs be used to evoke emotions?

Debatable— Do cultural differences affect the way a message is perceived?

                      Can anyone be a photographer?

Middle Years Programme Unit planner