Police Patches & Requests

This shoulder patch is worn by members of the Freetown Police Department and incorporates the following:

Freetown MA PD shoulder emblem on BLACK.JPG

Arm Bearing A Broadsword

This depiction is modeled after the one presented on the Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Commonwealth's Latin motto, "Ense petit placidam sub liberte quietem," when freely translated means, "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty."


A depiction of the North Star. For centuries sailors and other travelers traveled in reference to this star. It never seemed to waiver and provided a "true" direction. The North Star was incorporated into the patch to remind officers to be true to their oath of service to the people of Freetown.

Profile Rock

Freetown is the site of one of New England's finest examples of natural sculpture. This site is called Profile Rock and is now part of the Freetown State Forest. It is locally known as "The Old Man of Joshua's Mountain" and named for Joshua Tisdale, the first settler near the mountain. The site is an outcropping of ledge, approximately 50 feet in height, and when observed from a viewing site reveals the profile of a face.


The evergreen trees in the background represent the Freetown State Forest and its acres of trees and vegetation.


The depiction represents the importance of the town's river's, ponds and brooks, including the Taunton River, Assonet River, Fall Brook, and Long Pond, which have at one time or another been a resource for fishing, saw mills, grist mills, cranberry bogs, shipping, and recreation.


The depiction is of a Wampanog Indian. The Wampanogs, including Massasoit and his son Alexander (or Wamitta), contributed to the history of the region and in the origin of the Town of Freetown.


The kettle is modeled after the one presented on the official seal of the Town of Freetown. In 1890 Col. Silas P. Richmond, who was chairman of the Board of Selectmen, devised the town seal, which incorporated a kettle. The idea for the kettle was taken from the "consideration" named in the deal of Freeman's Purchase (the tract of land which is now Assonet) from the Indians, a part of which was "one little kettle."


The Town of Freetown was officially incorporated in July 1683.

Patch Requests

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