EPICS Version 4 telecon, 1-Sep-2015


  1. Readiness and process for 4.5 release.
    (The module release tracker has no entries for 4.5 so far [1])




Present: AJ, GW, MK, AA, RL, DH, MS

Chair: AJ

Scribe: AA

Readiness and process for 4.5 release

AJ: All modules have to have a release branch created and entries in release tracker spreadsheet. Any issues in terms of creating branches

MS: No issues, just gotta do it

AJ: MS should work with DH to create release branches

AJ: MS email the group once pvCommon release branch. Get started on Java side before Matej starts with cpp side.

GW: Can we build Java(pvData no problem, pvAccess problems sent to MS) against 1.6 Java? So that it is compatible with Matlab 2012a in LCLS.

MS: Will check using Java 6. Might be done using 1.6… will evaluate.

GW: Any changes to URLs in pom repos?

RL: Will do the swap to sonatype later, after pre1. The important thing is having the final releases in Sonatype and not in the existing EPICS repo on SF.

GW: DH to create a checklist based on RL’s email on release procedure

DH: When all the version numbers and branches are handled, do we need to do it manually via script or jenkins handles it?

RL: You can still do it manually, but there are CloudBees jobs that do the bundling, both for Java and C++. They both need to have the version and the suffix (e.g. “4.5.0” and “-pre1”) as parameters. They download the RELEASE_VERSIONS file and bundle what’s mentioned in there for the specified version/suffix. The resulting tar is available on the build page as the build’s artifact - click to download.

DH: Who is going to update release version files? DH and GW

AJ: Everything will be ready by Thursday? easyPvaJava will not be part of the release and all other discussions earlier still stand so the date is solid.

AJ: Will check on the date for next V4 F2F meeting, aiming for early November.

Meeting ends 8:28 Am pst.