ISSFHK Track & Field  2018

ISSFHK Track and Field Rules 2017/18

Convener: James Lovegrove, CDNIS & Rebecca Vuong, CAIS

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1.1 Be eligible for competition under the ISSFHK Constitution, By Laws and Standing Rules.

1.2 Must have competed in a minimum of 1 ISSFHK Mini Meets during the ISSFHK Season. The school must submit a list of competing athletes to the Mini meet host who checks each athlete’s attendance before the mini meet.  This list is then submitted to the Championship convener to create an ISSFHK Championships eligibility list.


  1. School submits student list to Mini meet host on before the mini meet.
  2. Mini meet host checks attendance before meet starts.
  3. Mini meet hosts submits this list to ISSFHK Convener.
  4. ISSFHK Convener creates database of eligible athletes and shares this with schools 1 week before championships.
  5. Schools enter Championship entries on Hy Tech from athletes on ISSFHK database.


2.1 Competition shall be governed by the official rules of the I.A.A.F.

2.2 Each school is permitted three competitors in each event and one relay team. 2.3 A competitor is limited to three individual events and two relays.

2.4 A competitor may compete in only one age group unless it is a relay or an open event. Therefore, a competitor who competes at the U16 level may also compete for the senior relay team or an open event. An under 12 aged athlete who is competing in junior events may compete for a U14 relay team. As well, a U16 aged athlete who is competing in senior events may compete for a U16 relay team.


3.1 Participating schools will supply of minimum of 3 officials for the championships.


4.1 Scoring Points for Individual Events: 1st/10 points, 2nd/8, 3rd/6, 4th/5, 5th/4, 6th/3, 7th/2, 8th/1. Relays are double: 1st/20, 2nd/16, 3rd/12, 4th/10, 5th/8, 6th/6, 7th/4, 8th/2.

4.2 Ties in Finals or Field Events

In the case of ties, add up the points and divide equally. i.e. a tie for 3rd in an individual event would be: 6+5 (for 3rd and 4th). 11 divided by 2= 5.5 points for each team.

4.3 Ties In Preliminary Track Events:

In this case, the competitors will qualify for the next race. A race will be re¬run only if it means qualification. Ties in any final will remain a ties.


5.1 All competitors must wear their school’s track & field uniforms.

5.2 All members of a relay team must wear identical team tops (front and back).


All implements must be weighted in and checked before they can be used in competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


Each ISSFHK School wishing to participate in the championships must host or co-host at least one mini-meet throughout the season.


Under ISSFHK Constitution and Rules.


9.1 Award presentations will take place at the conclusion of the championship meet. Banners will be presented to the winning team of each age division/gender, and to the overall Track and Field Champion for a total of nine banners.

9.2 Medallions will be presented to the top three finishers in each individual event and relay team.

10. Championships

10.1 Facility

All ISSFHK Track and Field Championship events must be held at an eight lane facility with a covered grandstand on at least one side.

10.2 Overall Champion

To be considered the overall champion, a school must enter a team in all eight divisions. Each school will receive points for their place in each division. i.e. 1st in U12 Boys equals one point and sixth in U20 Boys equals six points. The team with the lowest final score out of all eight divisions will be awarded the overall championship. Ties will be broken as follows: 1st overall total points, 2nd total gold medals earned, 3rd total silver medals won, 4th total bronze medals won.

10.3 Substituting Athletes at the championships

Substitutions may be made up to 24 hours before the start of the meet only in the case of injury or illness. No substitutions will be allowed within 24 hours of the start of the meet. Any injured or ill athlete will simply scratch their events after the 24 hour cutoff.

10.4 To be eligible to compete in the ISSFHK Championship Meet, an athlete must have competed, and their school to have supplied proof of their participation, in at least one ISSFHK Mini meet. Under no circumstances can an athlete compete in any event at the Championships without having fulfilled this requirement.

For all throwing events the athletes will use equipment in line with HKSSF rules.

This is a change made at the 2013 AGM

Proposal #24 - Track and Field - javelin and shot and discus weights. Amended to “align weights to HK sports federation” Passed 14-0

Shot Put



Boys U12/14




Boys U16




Boys U20




Girls U12/14




Girls U16




Girls U20




Updates from the 2017 AGM