Coach's Corner - Issue 30

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Noise and Concentration! These are two aspects of the modern game that gets overlooked for its meaning or influence on the game of the bowls.

Let's start with concentration! There are two levels of concentration that occurs on Saturdays. The first relates to full concentration. The moment you step on the mat is the point where concentration kicks in, lasts 15 seconds. It's physically impossible to stay switched on the entirety of a Saturdays game. So only use concentration when required. The other type of concentration relates to being in the game- watching the others bowl and look for trends or the line they are using. Also in this concentration it's about being switched on to pick up your team mates bowl at all times, they should not have to pick one up (unless hydey). On the weekend I caught out a rink. As skip I watch every bowl come down but also switch off by supporting others or purely observing others. It's interesting some players can switch off entirely and perform well such as digger- could have a conversation about anything and still bowl the same standard but I question if the people he talks to can do the same. Also had a couple if players sitting down last week, a sign of weakness and the ability to concentrate for that period of time. Concentration can be a learnt skill through training by switching on by playing a game, keeping score and applying pressure.

Talking- on the weekend I copped it from all angles! Pretty much because I do get pretty loud and enjoy myself at someone else's expense (opposition) but I don't think these people on Saturday had seen such a vibrant enthusiastic vocal team. What voice does is build pressure in opposition, increases the confidence of players, boosts self-esteem and creates a positive environment. Talk and noise lifts a team to no end!!!


Unfortunately all teams lost on the weekend except the 2s! I was impressed by the game of Paul Newcombe on the weekend, who led comfortably and was level pegging and was placed under severe pressure but played some peaches!! Scotty after the break was pretty special too! Brayden has been solid as a rock as well...

Selection- no one touches the board but me! Make that clear...... Had three no shows as a result this weekend.

Big games this week in all divisions, with the twos taking on the undefeated ocean grove. I'm expecting a big turn out to practice this week.

Div 4- you’re playing at port, I would try and practise on a plastic somewhere this week.

At training this week- 2-4-2 pairs and I will be setting up the camera for purely coaching one on one- text me to book a spot.

Club singles - semi-final, final on Sunday!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush