Sparking Curiosity with Productive Struggle & Technology


Institute Agenda

(heavily modified)!

Warm Ups

Formative Assessment & Technology

Estimation180 - Collection of 180+ visual estimates. Great for starting class, or starting a topic.         

Visual patterns - Collection of visual patterns. You are to determine the number of “items” in the 43rd step.         

Would You Rather - Collection of WYR tasks. Visual prompts. - Which One Doesn’t Belong

SolveMeMobile - Visually solve equations

OpenMiddle - Challenging math problems worth solving

Knowledgehook Gameshow

Desmos &

Three Act & Problem Based Resources



Hands On Activities

Spiralling & Assessment

Barbie Bungee

Clothesline Math


Kyle’s Post on Gamifying Assessment

Spiralling a Math Course

Extra Resources (from the institute)


Nix the Trix

Mathematical Mindsets

Making Number Talks Matter

What’s Math Got To Do With It?

13 Rules that Expire


Dr. Daniel Ansari's Supersession on The Best Way for Children to Learn Math: An evidence-based truce in the ongoing 'Math Wars'.


Selected Slides:

Day 1 - Hero’s Journey

Noah’s Arc

Search Amazing Lessons

MTBOS Search Engine