Once upon a time a evil girl called the little evil red riding hood  use to be a hero but she found a girl she train the girl. she trained her to be her sidekick but the hero bertry the sidekick that is how she became a supervillain.  6 year later the evil villain had minions to destroy the world but then she push a huge tower with her huge robot  there was people down there but another tower that was small the huge one crash on the small tower BOOM! she laughs evilly hahahahahahahaha then super granny came and push her of the tower but she said ‘you will never destroy the world’ the villain use her guns super granny almost  died but wolf jump  and punch her of the huge robot  then little red had a knife but wolf did not see the knife killed wolf. wolf dyed and granny said ‘nooo’ she got angry and she was very very very strong and punch little red and the villain was gone to her secret base and she was sad because wolf died  they never lived happily ever after THE END.