At Risk Mutual Aid

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  1. Please treat one another with respect and be willing to be transparent and communicative
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  3. Feel free to reach out to people within your community on the other “willing to help immune compromised people in need” document (linked below)
  4. For those reaching out to individuals on this document, if you are shipping or doing face-to-face deliveries, please ask the person you’re helping what’s needed for them to feel comfortable about the exchange - ie disinfecting the products, where to meet, etc. This is a zine with important information about sanitary precautions
  5. This is a working, living document. We have also linked another living document with information about local mutual aid collectives
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We can try to locate mutual aid groups and help with navigating the Willing to Help document, but at this time we do not have any financial resources.

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This document contains contact/location/resource info for people offering aid, web address is

Collective Care Is Our Best Weapon against COVID-19

This document includes a list of mutual aid projects sorted by state and country.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources (United States Specific)

This google folder contains resources including mutual aid projects sorted primarily by state.


This document also includes a list of mutual aid projects sorted by state and country as well as other resources.

*Please note, N95 masks are currently short, world-wide; any people with extras should try and give them to Medical/Healthcare workers who need them to treat infected patients. If you are not ill, please do not rely on an N-95 mask, as they require fit testing to be effective, and are designed to be disposable to prevent re-inoculation following exposure.

Live, editable map with locations


Location (City, State)

Description of needs

Needs met? (yes partially no)

Elizabeth cashapp $bless9991 email

Santa Cruz

Homeless because our house burnt down in the forest fires.  We currently need monetary donations for housing and needs.  Also, one of our family members needs money because of job loss.  We have no money at the moment. Please help us. Cashapp is $bless9991


Mike Incorrect email address, I emailed this person and they didn’t put their address on our list

El Cerrito

Willing to help those in need by delivering supplies/etc.

Gillian Colbath on Facebook

@fannyp4ck on Insta

New Haven, CT

Willing to help those in need! Feel free to reach out if you’re in or around the area!

Amy  Everett

ca Temecula

need help

 single mom lost job with medical conditions. Help with rent. Thank you   Have epilepsy need to pay for medicine r

Salman Jaberi

Cashapp: $sallyjab



Brooklyn, NY

Freelance artist living in NYC in dire need of help. I do not have insurance and I am a type 1 diabetic. I have run out of insulin today and will need to pay full price for it and it costs around $380 for the supply. Any sort of help sent my way would be greatly appreciated. (I’m not sure why my text is green but my needs have not been met. Thank you all.


Emergent - Please place emergency requests here

this woman is an illegal, just got out of the hospital....she's living in the car with her kids....she needs help more than anybody i've met...she lives in her car RN...with all of her kids, she got covid, and she just got out of the hospital. and laid off work. which she was working under the table.her daughter just had a miscarriage..

please share on any social media, her cash app $tashamartin444 and also has venmo just ask, literally anything helps.

I've contacted pretty much everybody.....and heard back from nobody.

Please, out of all stories this is the woman who needs the most help. she needs money to get into a room and money for medical bills & medicine & food.

Even if you can book a hotel for her and or her to send her funds I will pay .

Please help Mia out!!! she is dealing with stage 4 cancer and struggling with money and housing

Never  got anyhelp. Shes 700 short to sruvive the next two weeks, k

Cash app:$tashamartin444

Txt 720-477-5897

 I have a paypal and venmo

This women needs help and nobodty on google docs has helped her

 Nothing back whatever I can once my settlement hits. please forward this via email and or social media and send what you can. thank you so so much


I had to write this out for her because her english i

  • S


Money for rent and food, hospital bill and loss of income due to descrimination of being african american, disabled, and trans, artist who is out of work and also has to find a way to take care of an elderly family member. As of today 6/6 I have no money to my name. I will be forever grateful to anyone that can help me. God Bless I need money for rent which is $10000 and this months bill for food and utilities I really need the money by the end of June. I am in the process of being evicted and this would keep me from being permanently thrown out. My landlord doesn't care and she has been threatening me for a while. My cash app is $bless9991 Venmo is @twilight999 Normally I am a painter and sculpter but I am high risk since I am immunocompromised. Any help I would be forever grateful. Thanks


Also listed below on a row underneath ‘Missouri’

Paypal: @WhatleyM,

Cashapp: $mwhatley71

Chicago, IL  60657

(490 confirmed cases)

[Update 5/19:

Priority needs:

prescriptions for cancer and pain meds as soon as possible (Around $300 for a 60 day cycle)

help with utilities and her phone bill to make sure they're not cut off - $200]


Humidifier, vicks vaporub, cough drops/ cough syrup, groceries and soap, (cancer patient on chemo, with severe cough)

Money for Prescriptions and For Ren


 I provided some groceries, more would be better, especially if someone can provide gatorade. Walmart giftcard to pay for groceries (including delivery) are equally effective. Hygiene products also appreciated.

The medications turned out more numerous and  expensive than expected, so for the humidifier & Vicks, an additional $50 is necessary.

Anything beyond that will cover medical costs and rent.




venmo @kingqueer

Birmingham tv, AL 35205

immunodeficient, living with terminal lung disease & chronic chest infections. on complete quarantine until further notice. errand runner has no consistent access to transport to run errands and we are both disabled and out of work due to COVID-19 risks. need sanitizer, clorox wipes, surgical grade masks, gloves, and help affording delivery services for groceries and supplies.


Mackenzie, Twitter: @MaydaysFallout, Venmo: @MaydaysFallout,,

(moving to Alama, see column to the right) Lincoln, NE 68508, Not a hardcore emergency but still in desparate need

11 Confirmed cases in my area so far. My university has shut down classes for the remainder of the semester. Significant Other and I are fleeing to Alaba to ma (where my parents live) to escape the virus as I have a bad form of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Neither of us will be able to work for a while, so we need money to buy groceries (unfortunately, I can only eat organic fresh produce due to my disease) and to pay rent, as well as to buy disinfecting (scent-free) wipes and a safe ha




Angelica Guzman


Hi I live in AZ, is there any reason why it is not on this list?

I have a rare immune system disease called idiopathic cd4 lymphopenia. I was wondering if anyone had any extra masks so my family can continue going outside safely for me. Also, any lysol would be appreciated.

Hi Angelica, do you mind emailing us so we have your contact info ( ? We would like to connect with you but don’t have your contact info. Thanks! - Meg




Mikka Minx


Venmo @mikkaminx


san francisco ca

I am a pregnant single mom who is self employed. (Pregnant women have compromised immune systems and are advised to not leave their house.) Unfortunately all of my work has now been cancelled. I am in need of funds to pay my basic expenses and will happily take any kind of support I can get right now.

I am also more than happy to offer any of my services in exchange either now or as a gift card! Here's a post with my offerings:

More about me:

My venmo: @mikkaminx


Thank you! 🙏

4.26 - Needs partially met. No work, so will need funds.

Aiden C.

Venmo: anchen66

PayPal :

Sacramento, CA

Disabled and Immunocompromised, 3 months fresh of Open Heart Surgery. Campus has gone online for our following term and as a student worker this means I am essentially out of a job until further notice. Currently gratefully accepting donations to my PayPal / Venmo for groceries, bills, rent and dog food for my S.D, anything to keep us afloat for the time being will be highly appreciated as we have no other financial means.

No (as of 3/17)

4.26 - Contacted for follow-up by

Penny Lawrence


▪︎Venmo: @PLawrence1983

▪︎Twitter: @dragonflies1983

Atwater, (Merced County) CA

Multiple medical issues/diagnoses. Immunocompromised. PICC Line. Daily line access required. Recent bout of sepsis. Multiple necessary medical appts, regular infusions and frequent blood transfusions (have literally required 25 pints just in the past year). Do not drive so must take public medical transportation to all appts.

Most medical supplies I've been able to acquire from my infusion supply company, however in desperate NEED of lysol disinfectant spray, Clorox wipes, unscented hand sanitizer, and hydrogen peroxide (none of which they'll suppy and cannot be found anywhere nearby).

And I have someone willing to send an n95 vogmask to me, as I don't own one yet, but due to limited monthly SSDI which just barely covers my bills & living expenses, any help towards the $30 they're asking for it would be greatly appreciated as well.

4.26 - Contacted for follow-up by

4.27 - Partially met. Able to purchase vogmask. Still in need of sanitizing/cleaning supplies. Transportation has become a costly addition however, due to needing things delivered to keep myself out of public places as much as possible as health continues to decline. Venmo: @PLawrence1983

Lourdes @5ippin on Instagram

Pasadena, CA

- N95 masks/ Lysol wipes/ hand sanitizer.

baby brother has asthma and my mother diabetes - a chronic illness. They’re both at risk. the sole provider in our family is my father (a gardener), his clients' hours have been getting cut back and in turn they haven’t been able to pay him. I’ve been pitching in with our house payments but I don’t make enough with my work/study job.

If you’re able to help, I’ve put my Venmo below. Thank you!

Venmo: Lourdes-dlt 

4.26 - Needs partially met. Still needs Lysol wipes and disinfectant spray. Continued help with bills would be appreciated.


Los Angeles, CA

a DACA recipient. I was laid off of my only job. I relied on this to help my aunt and uncle (both immunocompromised and 65 years old) to make our house payments. I’m afraid of what could happen to them and myself with everything that has been going on. We have stocked up on supplies but won’t have enough for groceries soon. If you’re able to help I’ve put my cashapp and zelle email down below. Thank you.

Cashapp: $AlanEHernandez

Zelle email:


4.26 -Contacted for follow-up by

@TaliStein (they/them)

FB = Tali David (intro says “they/them” and “yeet civilly”

(message them for more ways to help)

  • Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA

Immunocompromised, EDS tachycardia, asthma, history of pneumonia, etc - textbook

Additional needs: someone who could pick up and deliver items to the door, help do care wearing protective equipment, money for food/rent/transportation to hospital



Sacramento, CA

Hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, no eucalyptus in products please because of allergy

@Sassysultanate on twitter

$birdofreligion on cashapp

@birdofreligion on venmo

91711 Claremont - Los angeles

I am disabled with an extremely compromised immune system and respiratory issues. I am also a graduate student who is unemployed right now, living alone and essentially homebound because of the pandemic. I am stressed and unsure of what my institution will do re: students in housing.


Any $ would be appreciated so I can get groceries and cleaning supplies delivered to the house in the immediate time. A mask or two would be greatly appreciated.

@eds_athlete (instagram)

Contra Costa county, CA

Basically anything helps. I already have an upper respiratory infection happening shop cold meds are amazing, but we're even running low on tp now.

@lord_lila (twitter)

Los Angeles CA

N95 masks

@moonlovinggal (twitter)

Fresno CA

Hand sanitizer & Disinfectant wipes

@lilBucatini (IG)

Pomona CA

N95 Masks

@Nysrene (Twitter)

Bay Area CA

2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1 box of N95 masks

@CrownofTears (IG)

Echo Park CA

N95 mask

@yourlocalgalpal (IG)

Orange County CA

N95 masks, and Lysol/clorox wipes. Thank you!


Ig @bikinipowerbottom

venmo @victoriajjj

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Chronically ill/immunocompromised in the middle of a fibromyalgia flare up, in need of rubbing alcohol, disinfecting air spray, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, reusable mask. I'm homebound but my roommates all work in entertainment/delivery and see 100s of people a day so I have to do a lot of work in sanitizing communal spaces often.


Anything would help, all the stores nearby are out of everything and the weather right now is causing a pretty terrible flare up that I need to get under control ASAP.

@Bloo_Ace (Twitter)

Fresno, CA, it USA, 93710

One confirmed case in my area. I donated my kidney to a stranger last July. Running low on toilet paper

@quandtuniverse (twitter, insta)

Los Angeles, CA 91605

Not emergency. Cancer survivor w/ chronic health conditions & at risk of contraction. Need: someone to check in on me since i don’t have family in the area; also cleaning supplies (sanitizer/wipes), toilet paper, help with rent.

UPDATE: roommate has decided not to risk going to the store anymore so in the future we may need help with grocery delivery


Toilet paper obtained, thank you! Still need sanitizer/disinfectant wipes & help with rent

@nnaa.wavyiarr (IG)

Los Angeles CA

Needs lysol disinfecting wipes 

IG: @teddytookover, Email: teddytookover(at), Venmo: @teddybearsurprise

San Diego, CA 92115

Immunosuppressed chronic pain patient

in need of 1 L/XL n95 mask, disinfectant wipes and donations to cover pain relief and pre-packed food to avoid contamination during a flare.

I am doing my best to quarantine, but I have 3 roommates (including my caregiver) who work in high contact w/ the public. No longer has roomates.

 Partially met. Still seeking donations for pain management, food, and N95 masks. Would also appreciate help with rides/errands.

@jahthejedi (Twitter)

San Diego County

In need of disinfectant products for infants/hand sanitizer.

@slepblsm (venmo)

Send $25+ or
unused gift cards:

Gift of College
(ABLE Account)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Poor, mobility impaired, chronically ill, queer creative. Care provider unable to help anymore, rent and phone bills went up, anything helps.

mousedetective - Tumblr (under my mother’s name)


(Include City, State & Zip)

Fallbrook, CA 92028


My mother and I are both immunocompromised (I have fibromyalgia,

  psoriatic arthritis and chronic fatigue; mother has diabetes and arthritis

  and is on year 3 of breast cancer remission) and we also currently have my

  17-year-old son visiting while his school district is shut down until April

  6th. We need toilet paper, hand soap/dish soap (we have no dishwasher so I

  have to do dishes by hand, but I also use dishsoap to wash my hands when in

  the kitchen), sanitizing wipes and cleansers and paper towels as far as

  supplies go, and any help with groceries would be amazing as teenager eats us

  out of house and home on an average weeend and we have him at least nine

  days, if not his whole break.

E’Niyah (I go by Niya),


Cashapp: $thisisniya

Venmo: niya-niya

Berkeley, CA, 94704

I am a Black queer bipolar college student who is fjrst generation. Ihave ASTHMA and ENDOMETRIOSIS. I will need help buy a couple groceries, since all I have right now are food stamps. I just need help buying some cleaning products like: wipes gloves lysol spray sponges. Paper towels and toilet paper. I am putting myself on quarantine now, but I am willing to donaesome labor if it is online! Please contact me if yo want to talk to me!


Madison (Mad) Kim


PaloAlto, CA, 94305

Immune compromised. Seeing and hearing impairment. Chronic pain and wheelchair using. Most of my support system people have left my area. I work in the gig economy and am worried I’ll lose my housing. Anything you can donate would be so so deeply appreciated.

@sixbarphrase (ig & twitter)

North Hayward /Castro Valley, CA

Immunocompromised myself w no income. Father with cancer. Cannot risk going out.

Need: toilet paper, n95, clorox wipes

Zephyre Lee
Venmo: @Zephyre-Lee


Berkeley, CA

 I am a queer, trans, person of color who is a student at UC Berkeley. I have multiple chronic illnesses, am immuno compromised, recently under went cancer treatment, and am a chronic pain sufferer. Both of my housemates work in the service industry which puts me at even higher risk than I already am. I chronically have a cough and frequently get bronchitis, pneumonia. I have asthma and am currently on antibiotics for an unrelated illness that is further weakening my immune system.

In need of money for or the physical supplies of: cough/cold syrup(not gel caps or tablets), money for food ideally $100-150 (I have 12 food allergies so it is extremely difficult to buy a weeks worth of food for under $50), anti-bacterial soap, paper towels, sponges, humidifier breathing mask

@jacksta on Twitter

$prettythunder CashApp

@prettythunder on Venmo on PayPal

Rio Nido,  CA 95471

Immunocompromised, stroke survivor, COPD, blind Vietnam Vet.

In need of: Hand sanitizer, Lysol, lung support

Tinctures, nervine tinctures, immuno stimulant tinctures, propolis, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms,  whey powder, collagen powder, CBD, bone broth, fresh veggies, tissue, humidifier, essential oils for diffuser, Hepa Air Purifier. Cash for food and supply deliveries. all help greatly appreciated. PayPal

Eriberto N

CashApp: $thotcheetos


in need need of relief funds for paid utilities, I’m a queer latinx immunocompromised person who was depending on gig work/ driving lyft for income. I’m asking for $750 by 3/21/20 if possible



Sacramento, CA

WOC, high-risk. In need of financial support to pay basic needs, tuition ($750 due), credit ($500 due), and student loans ($533 due). Severe asthma, recently diagnosed with pneumonia, on meds ($80 of meds) that make me vomit in the mornings. Partner with Hep C and he is now exhibiting signs of COVID-19. Both substitute teachers and musicians, gigs cancelled. Any help appreciated.

Kiara Barry

Ig: @boysenberry

venmo : kiara-barry


Oakland, CA

Non-binary, queer person in need of financial support to pay for basic necessities (food, rent, utilities, etc.) I had to go to the ER a couple of nights ago to get treated for a severe asthma attack. I am on prednisone pills, which make you immunocompromised. All the medication I have paid for in the past week has been very expensive ($300) and I am struggling. I have been out of work for almost 2 weeks and have been told by doctors to stay at home for the time being.

Yodassa Williams

Ig: @yodawill12

Venmo: @yodassa


Oakland, CA

Queer black femme in need of financial support to pay for basic necessities (food, rent, utilities, etc.)



  • Hi I'm a 26 yr old single mom, who went to the er because I didn't feel well and didn't end up coming out yet. Im scared and beyond stressed and honestly feel like death...they are talking about testing a medicine on me that they've only tested on handful of humans. When I went to the hospital my son was with his babysittter, he's been with her since the morning I went to the hospital, she's done everything she's could and watched him as long as possible. My son's dad lives 3 hours away and he will come get him if I somehow can get him some funds to pick him up and some funds until one of our checks hit our accounts. I will not have any money until next Friday and him next Thursday. I can pay back but I have to get my son with his dad 9 yr old son can't be alone. Also my dog has been home alone. Babysitter comes in twice a day feeds him and takes him out. My son's dad said he would watch him and grab him when he gets my son.... So my dog isn't lonely and is fed and is getting attention. I don't really have family and I don't really ask my son's father for anything if he could he would get him but we're all going thru it. Im scared and I'm having a hard time breathing I've never been this sick and I'm scared I won't make it out of here alive. So I'm asking for help with funds. Since I'm in the hospital

I'm very drained and looking for help..and I need to figure something out today..

Cash app, apple pay or zelle ? And I can pay back with some interest next week

Please get back to me asap if you can do anything

Also need stuff sent for my son to keep him and his dad disinfectant

Keep them with quarantine snack's

ECT literally anything$laconeja69

Bless you and thanks for hearing me out



@BurningBunring on twitter


Denver,  CO

Have very little money, cannot work until epidemic is over. Heavily immunocompromised, with industrially damaged lungs from a shady business that did not adhere to osha's. Only income was gig economy driving (sick too often to maintain traditional employment) which my doctor has flatly told me I cannot afford to do. I've been told if I catch this I'm at incredibly high risk of death or long term hospitalization.

Need help with all bills for april, likely may (car payment, insurance, energy, rent, internet), will probably need help with groceries as we get further into april. Everything must be sanitized as much as possible, except fresh fruits and veg, which will be washed/cooked by me before eating.

Apartment is gouging rent prices to force longer term tenants out at end of may (28% rent increase), have secured a new place to live but will probably need help with moving expenses.

anything helps money wise, please reach out if you think you can help. I will update this with groceries needed currently below:

nitrile gloves large and medium for wife, sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, n95 masks, toilet paper


@TyroneNewsoom (twitter)

Denver CO

Said needs help

@anonbinarymystic (IG)

Colorado Springs, CO

rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer



Single parent of 2. One immunocompromised child. Need $820 to cover April. FT freelancer with canceled March/April/May work. PT grad student. Made masks. Have rubbing alcohol. Need $ for basics - rent/food/bills/tissues/bandaids. In gratitude. AMAZON WISHLIST:

Partially, was able to cover March but needs help for April/May

@forthe.girlwhowaited (IG)

Denver, CO

N95 mask

@healingmoth (Instagram) (Tumblr)

$AsterCecil on cashapp

Boulder, Colorado

Chronically ill/ immunocompromised person with 3 other immunocompromised family members in need of hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfecting wipes and face masks if possible. DM me if anyone can help.

My family is also struggling to get groceries at the moment and we may need them to be delivered, if anyone could help through cash that would be super helpful as well 💚

Venmo: cambrianrocks


Immunecompromised child, sibling and mom are now with no home. Landlord chose not to extend lease even though paid in full.

Can you email us at so we can work with you?

Kuwa jasiri Indomela



Arapaho Territory, boulder colorado


I am a genderqueer, Afrikan descendant who travels around writing and speaking to amplify marginalized narratives. All of my gigs are/were canceled for March,  April and May..

I still need 475$ to cover my April expenses.

Been making my own ferments for my immune health. I can use 1-5 gallon jars/buckets preferably with spouts.

I have asthma and been needing support around respiratory health.

I can use tea, chest rubs and facial steams. Herbs such as Oregano, Eucalyptus, Thyme and Mint.

Also apple cider vinegar, everclear and hydrogen peroxide to make sanitizer for our food, hands and household disinfectants.




  • Emily

Clayton, DE 19938

Our state just declared a state of emergency and all of the positive cases in my state are from my University. I have no spleen and a very weak immune system and asthma as do other members of my family. I can’t attend school or work so any financial help is greatly appreciated (venmo @eyoungcourt and cashapp is @EYoungcourt)





Cash App > $Shoewee

Apple Pay > 

PayPal >

Palm Beach, FL

Disabled type 1 Diabetic with multiple high risks including MS, neuropathy, gastroparesis (stomach stops moving), GERD, extreme nausea, as well as anxiety, depression. Over the past 9 years I’ve been hospitalized 43 times. Each visit is a week long. Terrified I’m going to get sick and be forced to go to the hospital  Just getting over being sick and throwing up for over a week with gastroparesis.  The biggest need right now is that we are out of Clorox/Lysol wipes.  We have nothing other than hand soap to sanitize.  We’ve tried to find some at the store numerous times at different times of the day with no luck.   Any amount helps.  

@ririchithenyanpire (Instagram)

Miami, FL

Disinfectant wipes (clorox, lysol, generic)



Wesley Chapel, FL

Recovering from central line placement, immunocompromised, Mast Cell Disease, recovering from two months of infections, Need sanitizing wipes (no citrus scents) and lots of hand sanitizer


Jacksonville, FL

Chronic heart and lung issues, cannot go out. Looking for hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes or spray. Can pay for supplies + shipping

@gaticapekines (IG)

Miami, Fl

lysol wipes, gloves, alcohol




Shea ( posting for my mom who has lifelong chronic illness including Lupus

South East (rural) Georgia

Hand sanitizer, alcohol-based wipes, N95 mask, gloves









CashApp: $adorabelle


Venmo: @AdoraBelleDear


Paypal: kreutzk@gmail.clomc

Chicago, (27 confirmed cases in the CITY (1 new one yesterday) - IL: 32)

I am chronically ill & disabled & I am immunocompromised(with asthma) and I am on immunosuppressors as well. I am coming off a flare that had me bed bound for the better part of 3 weeks (b/c my body was attacking itself). I have no wipes & do not have the $ to get groceries delivered.



$ for groceries/delivery fees, Disinfecting Wipes, Electronic wipes,face masks (any really - can’t get & I use them in transit to avoid scent related migraines), Gloves, Disinfecting air spray, Paper towels


Still Needs: Disinfectants, Face Masks, Gloves, Grocery Money

@izusuki (twitter)

Chicago IL

N95 mask, hand sanitizer


Venmo - @nathanjansen

Chicago, IL

Symbicort 160/4.5

$ for rent & medication

Lost both jobs, trying to find work but am high risk (severe asthma, chronic sinusitis, compromised immune system). My doctor is out of the asthma medication and I have no idea how I'm going to afford the meds or rent. I hate asking, but am desperate.

@darthmidoriya (twitter)

Chicago, IL

Hand sanitizer, lysol wipes

@charlielaila (Twitter)

Calumet Park,IL

hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes (non scented) gloves and masks

Update: There’s confirmed cases in my neighborhood so I can no longer be outside to buy these things for myself if people send money



IG: @the.angry.asian.nb

Venmo: octii-pies

Evanston, IL 60202, <5 miles from Chicago border

I have MS and am on an immunosuppressant DMT while my partner has Crohn's and is also on an immunosuppressant DMT (different than mine). Mostly, we need hand sanitizer, clorox wipes (panicking people bought them out near us), and probably groceries (starting the week after next).

@lovedsammy (tumblr)

@xlovedsammyx (twitter)



(Include City, State & Zip)

Chicago, IL, 60618 (3k now confirmed cases in Chicago, & shelter in place ordered)


Hi. I am chronically ill with

  severe asthma (was born premature with underdeveloped lungs and bowels), and

  have had 2 surgeries in the past 2 months (knee arthroscopy and emergency

  appendix removal) that can both be verified on my tumblr. I’m now on another unpaid medical leave through Target since I cannot risk working right now effective through 4/24. I’ve essentially

  been on an unpaid medical leave since 11/29/19 and need some assistance with

  money for groceries, toilet paper, a group of masks if possible (don’t have

  to be n95s), hand sanitizer, & wipes. Thank you!

Edited to add gloves and more detail. <3

Partial: still need $ for groceries, cleaning products & disposable masks.. I can’t find them anywhere.

@fauxgamergirl (twitter)

$sudouwudo (cashapp)

Chicago, IL 60618


immunocompromised spoonie, & full-time

  college student unable to safely continue sex work during the outbreak


primarily in need of financial assistance

  as I am looking for a new, safer job & new housing




@LMariiieT - Twitter


  - CashApp


immunocompromised/chronically ill (Crohn’s Warrior 💜)


  hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes. Anything you have extra of!




Cashapp: $CheGuevarHoe



Indianapolis, Indiana


13 active cases, atleast 2 where I shop and used to work.

I have asthma and currently am displaying symptoms, but have been denied testing due to my lack of travel or confirmed contact with someone infected. Right now, I can't leave my home due to fear of infecting others and the fact that as of right now, I can barely breathe on my own. Any N95 masks would be very needed for both my husband and I, who are ill. Financial support would also be deeply appreciated, as his going to work compromises others around him, including his own family who he works with. As it stands, we can barely cover our rent right now, but if he can't work, we cant pay rent whatsoever.

Naomi Elise


Cashapp: $vagabondgyal



Venmo: madamnox

Fort wayne, in

2 active cases

Stores ransacked

I am immunocomprimised and disabled. Caring for my 70s aged parents. I was homeless for almost a year until last month, partner just got job has not been paid. We need food. Gas money. And help with rent. I need non latex glvoes and lysol and a mask for me and for my mom. Cbd would be nice as i ws not able to get my meds.






(dm on

  instagram @yadier_melina

Kansas City, KS 66103

We are in a declared state of emergency, I have an autoimmune disease (am in the middle of a flare so on heavy steroids) and other chronic illness / immunocompromised and also am in EMS


supply needs currently met



  is helpful! thank you! no latex though please



partial : some amazing people got masks, could still use any help as now the medication I take (plaquenil) is being used in COVID patients so the price has increased and there is not a lot to go around! thanks to everyone so much for help


IG @stinkhutter

Twitter @SavvaPettengill


Lawrence, KS, 66049

Type 1 diabetic with comorbid "double depression," need to stock up on food and meds. Lost access to college dining hall, and my job working in it, after campus closed. I've already struggled to manage my diabetes my whole life, terrified of what is to come. Anything is helpful, but it isn't an emergency, yet.





@goodmorningahyoka on instagram


Amazon wishlist:

Jenkins, KY

In need of several things (see amazon wishlist link!) I’m unable to go out due to my immunocompromised status (Primary Immune Deficiency: CVID) and get the items myself. My therapy dog needs food, I need shampoo, etc. I am on disability and do not have much money to cover everything. Will be spending my bday quarantined. Anything is deeply appreciated. Thank you.






Louisville KY

Antibacterial Handsoap



N95 masks



  Immunocompromised, i am currently 9 hours away from home at college and can use

  any help i can get thank you xx







New Orleans, LA

Trans and immunocompromised with asthma & COPD in New Orleans, where the medical system is already at complete capacity. Was hospitalized with suspected covid and sent home early due to crowding.

Need someone to pick up groceries and prescriptions for me in New Orleans

Need help crowdfunding (please share my venmo) and donations for my medical bills


As of 4/28, needs still not met, sent Insta message





@riamumemis on twitter


$keroppie on cashapp

@keroppie on venmo

massa chusetts 01852

chronically ill and immunocompromised !! i live in middlesex county where there are a lot of confirmed cases and a lot of my fianc's work has been cancelled due to the virus so any financial help is appreciated.


2 n95 masks or similar, gloves, paper towels, and hand sanitizer also needed. thank you!

@xingonafemme (instagram)

Massachusetts 01027

disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer

Massachusetts 01062

Immune-compromised with lung issues who works with Elderly individuals also at risk. Sanitizer and Masks needed.

@juicyparsons (IG)

Boston, Massachusetts 02121

N95 mask, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes

Sarah Malone, Venmo: @Sarah-Malone-52, Email

Worcester , MA 01604, 6 cases in city

EDIT: I have potentially been exposed to coronavirus, I am now in self isolation and my partner cannot go to work. I’m immunocompromised & chronically ill w EDS. I work right in the middle of the city with different businesses (primarily restaurant) and go around a lot. My work load is shrinking and I have no guaranteed weekly hours. I need hand sanitizer, help finding isopropyl alcohol, potentially someone to help pickup my meds for me in the future. I would benefit from cloth surgical masks that i can wear when i have no choice but to go out. Financial assistance for rent this month would be so helpful, I’m at 860/1250 I’m scared I’ll have to extreme isolate to prevent getting sick but then I can’t work. My partner works starbucks but isnt eligible for benefits so if their store shuts down they wont see the extended pay that was just announced. I’m their only ride to work so if anything happened to either of us, we’re screwed. I have an ESA dog, petco gift cards would be so helpful. She’s a disabled dog so I really need pee pads for her too. Any help is so appreciated we just left an abusive living environment and I can’t go back. Thankou. Thank you

@genevieve_schuh (twitter)

Boston, MA

N95 masks, Clorox wipes

Jordan Alexander, @jordancomrade,, $jordan192q

Somerville, MA

Need some gauze, those big adhesive bandage pads, and antiseptics (isopropyl alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide)

Also financial help if possible so i can secure safe housing for after 9/1 (had to move out of an unstable living situation, secured summer housing but trying to afford first/last/deposit/broker fee...ya know how housing around here is)

I refused to go home to quarantine with my abusive family, so I’m still here in Somerville after my university shut down its campus, but my family isn’t willing to help me out anymore. I’ve got enough for basic needs *for now* but it won’t last. I’ve been helping out a lot with mutual aid, and now I suppose it’s my turn to ask for help.

Cambridge, MA

Low-income family with disabilities needs. In need of food, supplies, laundry, and financial assistance.




@vivian-blah venmo



Baltimore, MD 21217

I am immunocompromised, chronically ill and a college student. Need donations for medications, Gloves, food, hand sanitizer, tylenol or acetaminophen (500mg), probiotics (10 billion), aN95 mask replacement filters, disinfectant wipes or solution, Thank you.

Justin H

Baltimore, MD

12 cases so far in MD, could use help buying the basics. Rubbing alcohol, Lysol, Disinfectant Wipes, Gloves & Hand Sanitizer, Masks preferably 3M N95  

@lyderalyallthat Venmo &

Baltimore Maryland

I am m recovering from recent surgery for complications of kidney transplantation I am Immunosuppressed

N95 mask or disposable kind, gloves, donations for food and meds




Traverse City

I have MS and take immunosuppressants, and now I can not work at all. Need all basic essentials like food and such (would prefer local delivery so I don’t have to go out), toilet paper and medication. CoPay for medication has gone up, I have a week supply right now but unable to get my next refill.



Cashapp: $BlueEyedAsh

Venmo: BlueEyedAshh


Diabetic, PTSD, Manic Depression, Bipolar 2. In need of financial support for food and medications.

No (3/25)



Cashapp: $atomiclymon

Ann Arbor

Cancer, diabetes, PTSD, depression, medical anxiety, medication help, grocery help, uncovered medical supplies, etc






Says needs supplies

Robert (@hurbsphone on instagram)

Elk River, Minnesota

Any mask, santizer and/or santizing wipes

sent dm on 3/29, 4/4, no response

Venmo @cecilyperez

Minnesota 55404

Immunocompromised, stocked with sanitising stuff but I am vvvvv worried about bills + groceries + cat food should there be more cases in my state and need to actually quarantine, I do not have 2 weeks of food stocked or the money to get it. Any help is appreciated!!!

sent dm on 3/29, 4/4, no response


Caitlyn Newkirk and Rynn Lee

Purvis, Mississippi

Queer couple with severe asthma and other respiratory issues. In need of money for supplies such as lysol wipes, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and groceries. Currently unemployed with no income whatsoever so any amount of donations helps! Cashapp: $sweaterpawed


Venmo- @twilight999

Cashapp- $bless9991

St. Louis MO

I am immunocompromised and need help paying this months bills.  I am out of work and have no income coming in at the moment.  I really need help with rent and food being the emergency expenses especially. I was working as a sculptor and bartender before the epidemic started

Golden and Elouan (they/them)

Venmo @gpetoia

CashApp $gpetoia

Signal 3107757173

IG @drkflff

St. Louis, MO

my parter elouan and I have been through a lot together in the last couple years. for context, we are both queer, trans, neuroatypical and severely disabled. we lost our home and most of our belongings, twice. we moved from portland to montana to st louis all in one year to try and get to safety and into the arms of community. the majority of our work is in person - we are both biodynamic somatic care workers of different kinds, supporting LGBTQ/BIPOC/SWs/Disabled/Neuroatypical folks. we cannot safely go to the grocery store, delivery is expensive and SNAP is not working online in missouri as of yet.

we have supplements that cost around $200/week that we cannot afford for much longer, but they keep us alive.

we have medical bills that are in the thousands that we have no way to pay.




Omaha, NE

need sanitizer, wipes, alcohol — thank you


Twitter: @MaydaysFallout

Venmo: @MaydaysFallout

Lincoln, NE 68508


Not a hardcore emergency but still in desparate need

11 Confirmed cases in my area so far. My university has shut down classes for the remainder of the semester. Significant Other and I are fleeing to Alabama (where my parents live) to escape the virus as I have a bad form of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Neither of us will be able to work for a while, so we need money to buy groceries (unfortunately, I can only eat organic fresh produce due to my disease) and to pay rent, as well as to buy disinfecting (scent-free) wipes and a safe hand-santizier.



New Hampshire



New Hampshire, 3104

N95 mask

New Mexico


New York



Brooklyn, NY

N95 masks

twitter/insta: @lu.cranberry

cashapp: @cranberrylu


Immunocompromised/ chronically ill. I’m a recent grad and I work at Riker’s for a nonprofit without paid sick leave. I have enough supplies (hand soap and sanitizer appreciated, though) but I’m definitely going to get it and I’m terrified I won’t be able to make rent and/or buy food so cash is most appreciated—anything you can afford to send my way would be so good. thank you 💕

Sent 500 via cashapp <3


Brooklyn, NY

N95 masks

@kim_kristyna (twitter)


rubbing Alcohol , Lysol wipes, gloves

@photo9enic (instagram)

Cashapp: $Ruksanuh


Queens, NY

My parents are both sick (immunocompromised- diabetes and inflicted with the covid-19.(No source of income in the household (They cannot work and I lost my part time job). My only sister passed away this January and we cannot pay our landlord rent because we are in debt and we couldn’t cover her burial costs so we borrowed from people. Any amount would really help, because I am so lost and scared, I don’t want anything to happen to them, they’re my only family.

Sent $2300 via PayPal but so much more is needed in back rent & other debt

@mahalia_c (insta) (proxy for my diabetic grandmother)

Albany, NY

Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer

@wickedlittletown on IG

Brooklyn, NY

I have epilepsy, asthma, POTS, and am prone to both ketoacidosis (last time ended up in the ICU) as well as hypokalemia/hypomagnesemia.

I could use a Vogmask.

@paulettexo_ (twitter)

Brooklyn, NY

Confirmed case of coronavirus nl63 and immunocompromised. Lysol disinfecting wipes, gloves, soap

@dana_kline (twitter)


Multiple chronic illnesses including diabetes; currently recovering from surgery (3 weeks ago) & fighting[a] a post-op infection. I’m ok on supplies (atm). I really need money though since I can’t safely take public transportation & have doctor’s appointments coming up that I cannot miss ( TY

Hi Dana- for rides, you can see if any of your providers partner with Ride Health (, uber health, or any individualized public transit service like paratransit

IG @__hibiscusflower

IG @cosmostokitchen


I’m an immunocompromised person. I’m not sure. I have an autoimmune disease and not sure if I’ll be okay with this virus. I’m fine now, but my work has been impacted and I’m using all of my energy to find resources to stay afloat. I would appreciate any financial help via Venmo (@sjaquayj). Meanwhile I’m finding ways to stay calm, focused and check on other people. Thanks so much for putting this resource together. I’ll probably be staying home until I figure out some things.

Venmo (@sjaquayj) Feel free to add/DM me (and if Paypal is better)!


NY (middle of nowhere, everything’s out of stock in vicinity [20+ min drive])


Emergency: Two disabled people. I’m highly germaphobic (with severe OCD) so disinfectants are a major part of my daily life. Without them, I can’t eat/drink, use bathroom, leave home, etc. For me, things must be sealed. I have asthma. My mom is 61, she has kidney disease, is a diabetic, has lymphedema and COPD. I need lysol aerosol spray (or equate, up&up idc [on a good week, I go through six. Bad week, I can go through like two a day :( so you can’t imagine how badly this is affecting me]), rubbing alcohol, disinfectant wipes, perhaps a washable kind of mask, sealed hand sanitizer, antibacterial dish/hand soap, etc. Sealed baby wipes & TP, paper towels. Potentially we could benefit from non-drowsy cold & flu meds. I have a dry cough (feels more like from my nasal drip or allergies so I’m not entirely worried), but no fever. But I can’t survive in a hospital (personal reasons, please don’t ask and please don’t judge. I’m so tired of being judged) so I’m quarantining myself at home, to be safe. We cannot afford to pay the prices on eBay for what we need, and amazon is sold out. Stores are sold out or won’t ship to home. We have nobody willing to get things for us in areas that still have things available. I hear my hometown (main source of shopping) is on quarantine. This feels like a death sentence. I feel terrible having to ask, because I know my OCD is complicating things.

Partial (have items ready to send as of 3/27)


Twitter: @imjustallnerves

Venmo: dreanamarie




Johnson City, NY 13790

(Broome County)

About: I’m an immunocompromised grad student with multiple chronic illnesses (asthma, EDS, Celiac, Crohn’s, epilepsy, eosinophilic esophagitis,  PCOS, endometriosis, POTS, chronic sinus infections that escalate to orbital cellulitis, and a slew of allergies). I live with and care for my mom, who is immunocompromised from cancer treatment (recently finished chemo and radiation, now on the “final stretch” of surgeries). My dad is disabled and unable to work. Due to financial strain, mom and I both needed to return to/continue to work in retail at a grocery store that remains open, even under state of emergency, so we are exposed to many people (some of whom are ill) on a daily basis.


Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and/or spray, toilet paper (IBD means we go through it fast), groceries/money for groceries if possible.

Hi Dreana, sent you a message on Twitter, we’re here if you need help! -Rachel

Lena Espinoza

ig: @tiiinkkkk

cashapp: $tiiink

venmo: lena-espinoza

long island, new york

need money for medical supplies such as alcohol wipes and a thermometer  and low carb foods for my niece who is diabetic

venmo: lena-espinoza

cashapp: $tiiink

thank you





Bronx NY

URGENT: my computer crashed on 4/17 and this is what I use to do design work and ALL my work pre COVID and of course now, this is a HUGE unexpected cost and I need support covering it. I had to take funds from rent & food to cover and need to place that money back as soon as possible.

NEED: Breathe & serenity Doterra Oils (use for asthma & anxiety),Disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer,Mrs. Meyers hand soap

First I want to send everyone gratitude for EVERYTHING!

I am a queer black chronically ill and immuno-compromised organizer and small business owner & artist who lost 7 gigs which accounted for 5-7 months of living expenses & I support 2 house holds for a total of 5 people -- so this is a huge hit!

The supplies above would be so helpful!

Also seeking funds for groceries, rent & to pay my health insurance:

Paypal & email:

Venmo: @sadeswift

Cashapp: $swiftsade

Thank you in advance!

Sent $15 3/23

Sent $30 4/6

Sent $100 4/12


ig: @auroradeharlem


NYC 10029

My mom and I are both immuno-compromised. She has rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. She also has a permanent cough because she’s a 9/11 survivor. I have lupus, arthritis, and vitiligo. Right now, we really need money to cover our expenses (rent, food, etc.) My mom works in the food industry so her hours have been slashed. I work as a private tutor and more than half my students have canceled indefinitely. I’m a germaphobe, so we’re pretty well stocked on cleaning supplies. Supplies we could use are cough medicine, tylenol/advil.

Anything helps! Here’s where you can send money if possible.

CashApp: $auroracid

Venmo: @Aurora-Cid

Instagram: @resilientnerves

Venmo: @samstet

Brooklyn NY

I’m a trans chronically ill person. As of yesterday I have been laid off from my part time remote work.Can give paypal instead of venmo if you message me (has my full name in it so not posting publicly). I also am almost out of lysol so could really use cleaning supplies and don't know where to find any.

Samantha Espinoza, @onethousandcorpses on instagram

Long Island, NY

In need of cash for supplies such as hand sanitizer, vitamins, groceries, lysol wipes, etc. Chronically ill (ulcerative colitis) and currently not generating income (I am a freelance writer/editor.) My cashapp is $Same8563 and my venmo is @Sam-e-3.

Brooklyn, New York City

In urgent need of a ride to pick up medication from Haas Pharmacy on Saturday March 21st[d] as the subway system is unsafe due to medical conditions. Can cover gas or potentially funds in exchange for a ride. Is also in need of funds for groceries.


North Carolina


@ItsMeWhitneyG (IG)

North Carolina

Clorox, Lysol, Hand Sanitizer

Find me at @bangantangirls (twitter, I have an anime profile pic lol)

Cashapp: $KaiyaBou

Venmo: @Firdaws-Bounagui


North Carolina

I’m a college student who lost her job (thanks to corona). I relied on my job to not only pay my tuition but to buy necessities for my family and help pay the bills, my mother has cancer and organized pneumonia (a lung disease that leaves her extremely immunocompromised). She cannot work anymore because of that and my father is barely making ends meet now due to the corona as well). We were struggling a bit before but we were alright and made things work thankfully. Now I don't have money to buy basic things,,  not only for myself but my brothers and I or help with the bills. Our food stamps ended and it’s going to take a while to get that re-filed and I am still waiting for my unemployment insurance to go through but it’s taking a long time. Any sort of money would really help, even if it’s five dollars. Just until we get the stimulus check and my unemployment. Thank you.

Cashapp: $KaiyaBou

Venmo: @Firdaws-Bounagui


North Dakota

@dyanadecoteau (IG)

Minot, ND

Immunocompromised, recently was told my ac1 is a 10, severe diabetic. Not able to get a glucose tester, My daughter and I both have Asthma, I have pulmonary hypertension after giving birth, rheumatoid arthritis. We are in need of gloves, hand soap, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper.

Just maxed out my credit card on food for my family, a girl and boy. My husband is a cancer survivor and also has low immunity. He still is working each day to pay for rent and utilities until we are told not to leave or one of us gets sick. We are struggling. Thank you for any help. Blessing!


sent dm 4/6, 4/8 no response




@irl_punch (twitter)


Glycerin/aloe/or lotion based hand sanitizer, aquaphor, eucerin cream, lysol wipes, latex free disposable gloves, disinfectant spray, thermometer, cough medicine,hydrocortisone if need more information my Facebook is Lisa Lanning

PayPal is

Blacklick Ohio 43004

Hello, I am diabetic and have congestive heart failure a pfo and heart murmur. Very high asthma,  weakened immune system and hard for me to get out. Stuff is hard for me to eat since there is very few food to eat and my sugar has been high due to not alot of food here, would like maybe homemade food, fresh fruits and veggies, hand sanitizer or maybe handmade, no luck finding pasta or no parish items either, hard to cook for my self due to shoulder surgery on hold til this is over, I never thought Turkey sausage would be gone lol, anything food wise would help allergy to pork, shellfish,  raw tomatoes, need stuff to help with shoulder ice pack to fit around it, love ice and ice cream but sold out I went to the store the other day and cried no cereal either, wet cat food we can't find any they eat fancy fest and no cat treats temptations or kitty litter for 3 cats I have no car also to go if I could go out and no income waiting on ssd so me and my shopped weekly hard to do that when the stores have everything gone its 3 of us here. Also need purifred water ok for now but soon may need have well water, also no flovered enhancers  either if you would like to help please just email me or message me on Facebook please because each day my list gets more with things that go out of the store thank you for you help and love my dogs and cats thank u too AMAZON WISHLIST:



Claremore ok 74017

me and my partner are immunocompromised and disabled. We frequently have to go into Tulsa (one confirmed case) for doctors appointments. We need reusable n95/n99 masks that can be sent asap. Everything I’ve found would arrive late April/early may

@meggylin on Instagram

Oklahoma City, 73162

My food stamps have been reduced to $49 in March going forward because I was “awarded SSDI payments” of $1040 per month to pay my rent and all my utilities… I still have to pay my copay for my medicines, including two types of chemotherapy to suppress my lupus. My need is any kind of assistance that anyone would be willing to provide in order for me to make it day-to-day, and pay my bills. Whether that’s gift cards, amazon credit, or paying bills for me directly, I would be extremely grateful!

(And I say amazon because that can be used on Whole Foods delivery in my area)



@AliaJoyH (twitter)


Lysol / Disinfecting wipes / spray

@finnegangabriel (IG)

Venmo: finngabe

Amazon wishlist

Eugene, OR 97402

Supply needs currently met! general financial assistance would be very helpful. Can’t work, not on ssdi yet and late on bills, partner & roomie both laid off now except one 8 hr shift. 3 cases and 1 death in my town now and we might be going on lockdown this week. If anyone local can help with picking up meds, grocery runs or helping me out with daily living stuff rly appreciated



@sovereignrootsapothecary (IG)


Eugene, OR 97405

I am a queer black non binary  person. I have severe Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome,low heart output as well as Elhers Danlos Syndrome and a weakened immune system. I have had a  major surgery 5 days ago and have just come home from the hospital unable to work or leave my house. I live in a home in the woods. I need: a box of face masks , rubbing alcohol, disposable gloves, Dr. Bronners soap, toilet paper, humidifier for my lungs and money for groceries.


@stinky.clown (IG)

Cash app: $anaisegunter

Venmo: $anaiseg

Portland, OR 97239

Disabled and immunocompromised. I also have asthma. My state has 32 confirmed cases as of 03/14. My apartment building is 80% eldery and disabled folks. Isolating as much as possible. Need $ for medical bills, MMJ, medications, cat supplies for my ESA, and monthly utilities. ANYTHING HELPS! On top of this my Vog mask needs to be replaced which is horrible timing. REALLY need a new N95 mask, which i know is a struggle to find right now. Other supplies I’m in need of: unscented disinfectant wipes, unscented dr. bronners, paper towels, toilet paper, unscented (preferably alcohol free) hand sanitizer, unscented garbage bags, size M non latex gloves (nitrile is good). If anyone local is able to help with rides to appointments or grocery/med runs i would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

(allergies: latex, glycerin)


Cash App (daughters): $beanbroke

Venmo(daughters): beantio  

Portland, OR 97217

Immunocompromised Caregiver with diabetes, work in a nursing home with majority elderly patients, Can’t work due to unsafe worker policies(No masks, no visitor check in, sick patients aren't cleaned after). Need to provide for myself and my daughter(asthmatic).

  • Need Hand sanitizer,
  • Clorox disinfectant wipes, and sprays.
  • N95/N99 face masks 

Also need money for rent, and medications for my daughter and I.

Partially (face masks)


Pennsylvania for direct contact information

Instagram: bitteroptimist

Facebook: Tanya Yvonne

Venmo: Tanya-Yvonne

(thanks, everything helps so much, I have no income right now due to a snafu with ssdi)

 Philadelphia, PA 19104

Things are NOT available in my area and I can’t find things left online. If anyone can point me to resources in the area or online I would be so grateful!

Immunocompromised with lupus, RA, FMS & currently there are no toilet paper or tissues in the stores and I am almost out. Also need hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, and cleaning items. I am disabled I don’t drive, recently lost my disability because of a paperwork snafu (so I have no income right now) and in need of groceries soon, which are very hard to come by in my neighborhood. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

@PhillyPartTwo (Twitter or IG)

Philly PA/Bucks County

N95 masks, regular medical masks, hand sanitizer

@GrucieLoo (twitter)

Western PA

N95 masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer *LOST HEALTH INSURANCE, currently waiting on COVID test results*

@HmKerstetter (twitter)

Philly PA

Lysol / Disinfecting wipes

DONE @snarcoleptic_13 (Twitter)

southeast PA

Clorox wipes, alcohol prep swabs, Lysol

@smizzstew314 (IG)

Delaware County PA

Lysol, Clorox Wipes, N95 masks, hand sanitizer


Bucks County, PA

Medical masks for healthcare workers, N95 masks (insta)

@eryng0s (tumblr)

@oddvibesonly (Twitter) (less active)



Leo Pici

Twitter: @LeoMFTyme

email and PayPal:

Venmo: @Leo-Pici

Phoenixville, PA

Crohn’s, Asthma, Lung capacity at 60%-70%

Needs: I need groceries, cleaning supplies, and money to help pay bills while I can’t go to work at the moment

  Venmo is


(thanks, everything helps so much, I have no income right now due to a snafu with ss

 Philadelphia, PA 19104

Things are NOT available in my area and I can’t find things left online. If anyone can point me to resources in the area or online I would be so grateful!

Immunocompromised & currently there is no toilet paper or tissues in the stores and I am almost out. Also need hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, and cleaning items. I am disabled, i don’t drive, recently lost my disability because of a paperwork snafu (so I have no income right now) and in need of groceries soon, which are very hard to come by in my neighborhood. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Rhode Island


@vaginalvoodoo on twitter Instagram gmail cash app and PayPal

outside of providence, ri (Smithfield)

disabled &  immune-suppressed due to treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: in need of shoe covers ( room mate works in construction ) general face masks, rubbing alcohol, aloe, cat food & litter or $ donation ( $vaginalvoodoo - cashapp, if I get more beyond what I need for my cats the rest will go to food for myself ) so I can pay someone to get some for me

my family of 4 is me (disabled), my husband with chronic lifelong bronchial inflammation who's ordered to quarantine, & our 2 children and right now we need money for:


feminine hygiene products


laundry (landlady won't unlock the maes)

my prescriptions

laundry detergent

car payment

medicare part d gap coverage (due by the 30th or I'll lose my script coverage that we already can't afford my copays)

I also makes clothes, toys, blankets, accessories and a bunch of other stuff on a commission basis if you're interested find me on my facebook page Jess loves yarn

South Carolina

South Dakota




@camilla_33 (twitter)

Nashville, TN. 37203

Hand Sanitizer, Clorox or Lysol Wipes, N95 mask, regular medical mask


East Tennessee

Immunocompromised/Chronic Respiratory Illness


Flu/Cold meds (no dextromethorphan)

Hand Sanitizer

Disinfectant Cleaner/Wipes


Any mutual aid through financial support or other supplies greatly appreciated as income will be greatly reduced with sole income provider's inability to work from home. We are providing mutual aid and medic support for others in our area as well, so if you are close, feel free to reach out for resources and we can try to connect you with like minded folx 💜


Middle TN

hand sanitizer, non latex gloves, cold/flu meds, alcohol preps

Nathaniel, @_watcherscrown

Knoxville TN 37920

My mom has stage IV cancer and goes to chemotherapy every few weeks and has appointments constantly in Knox. She lives one county east with my middle sister right now.


we now have confirmed cases in Knox County now at some hospitals (state won't give us details). I am terrified for my mom to suffer more than she is. I don't know what supplies are needed for someone with cancer but I am a very broke student and I can't really afford anything.





Austin, TX

N95 masks, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer spray &/or wipes (natural, if possible :-))

Reached out 4/4 no response

@mahali.hrdz (IG)

Laredo,TX 78045

San Marcos TX 78666

N95 Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Lysol Spray

Reached out 4/4 no response

@Mosquito_Angel (Twitter)

Houston, Tx


Rubbing alcohol, Lysol, Disinfectant Wipes, Gloves & Hand Sanitizer


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austin tx 78723

Covid positive lysol, lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, mask, kid surgical mask, gloves.


had heart surgery 11/13, 12/13, and today! 3/13. pacemaker dependent, pulmonary embolism, sepsis survivor four times, immunocompromised, ehlers danlos.  




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Austin TX

Immunocompromised with toddler with metabolic disorder. Need n95 masks, lysol, antibac wipes, hand sanitizer. Single mom of 3, Uber driver possibility to be exposed daily.

No as of 4/4, hasn't been reached out to yet for assistance, needs have remained the same

Jesse B.

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Instagram is @kingslytherpuff

Killeen, TX

Hi, my mom and I are both immunocompromised and my young nephew is staying with us and has heart problems. I’m currently sick and don’t have any money to go to the doctor and we are lacking basic necessities. We need toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, and money for doctors appointments ( 300$). Anything helps, thank u.

Reached out via email 4/4 no response



Austin, TX

I have been laid off from work as a waitress due to COVID-19 and have been struggling financially because of it. I am immunocompromised while also taking care of a child and two elderly parents. I'm worried about paying for food/groceries, rent, utilities, bills, and insurance. All help is appreciated, thank you!



Austin, TX

I am a full-time college student and was working part-time as a waiter to pay for living costs. Due to COVID-19, the restaurant closed and I am now struggling financially. My family is all immunocompromised and I am worried about our health and safety. I also take care of two elderly people in our home. I am worried about affording tuition, student loans, books and other course materials, rent, food, groceries, health care costs, bills, and utilities. Thank you in advance for your help.





Immunocompromised w/asthma and

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Primary caretaker of respiratory immunocompromised mother (pneumonia, stent, and heart attack last month)

NEEDS: $, N95 masks, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer.

Twitter : @schwoomsmom


Kent, Washington

I am a physically disabled, homebound mom.  My husband is 65 and immunocompromised, yet also my caregiver, and caregiver to our 14yr old special needs son.  

His brother is living with us, who is a Vet and recent amputee, still fighting for coverage through the VA.

Because my husband has multiple medical issues, his doctor has advised complete quarantine to keep him healthy.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough food/supplies to last a week, much less until it's safe to go out.

In desperate need of non-latex disposable gloves, sanitizer and clorox/lysol wipes.

We have a friend who can go to buy them for us, but no ability to pay for the items.

Located in Kent, WA.  Right next to that massive $4 million quarantine facility someone WALKED away from recently.


Insta - @daisyeater


Seattle, Washington 98122

Immunosuppressed Ehlers Danlos/Pcos/chronic reflux pt in the epicenter of the outbreak so access to supplies is limited. Any money that people are able to spare for groceries+sanitizing supplies would be greatly appreciated! I need clorox/lysol wipes and bleach the most. Could also really use electrolyte drink powder and collagen supplements. I work in healthcare and have roommates so there is a big possibility I will get sick and be unable to work for multiple weeks and can use all the help I can get! If I receive any supplies I don’t need I will make sure to put them in the hands of other folx who need them!


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Pullman, Washington, USA


Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, possibly cloth masks, paper products would be appreciated and/or feline help

Not out on feline supplies, but not sure how long will last if things keep going out of stock at the stores.

Diabetic and have to travel by public transit, most stores have little to no toilet paper and no wipes or sanitizer. Live with four people in 2 bedroom apartment so concerned about getting sick



Chehalis, WA

Immunocompromised. Out of work due to mandated closures. Struggling to meet basic needs and groceries/bills. Anything helps. Sending love to everyone else struggling <3


Washington DC


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Washington, DC

Hand sanitizer,clorox wipes, mask (non scented)

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Washington, DC

Immunocompromised Crohnie in need of hand sanitizer, general medical masks, and latex gloves; any extra $ you might be able to spare for grocery delivery would also be greatly appreciated.

West Virginia




tumblr: grimVisionary, twitter: @grimVizionery

Manitowoc, WI

Not really an emergency, Disinfectant wipes and air sprays, and fever reducers. Immunocompromised, and a friend visited and didn’t tell me they’d been somewhere with it and were having symptoms. Is already unable to leave house, only for appointments, but is now at higher risk. Don’t have supplies for being sick anymore.

Unable to contact (no messaging ability on tumblr and twitter handle not found)

Grace, 6085158707


17yo spoonie student living in an abusive household. anything is appreciated, i need help


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Madison, WI 53716


·           n95 mask, or reusable mask with filters

·           FOOD, i should not be going out

·           electrolyte packets / gatorade

·           fever reducers, tylenol, advil, excedrin, anything you can spare

·           surgical gloves for when i have to go out to doctors appointments


Partial, received masks and sanitizer; contacted me on 5/15 asking for help getting food, emailed her on 5/25 with resources and mutual aid projects in her area




Destiny @Destinysdiagnosis on insta

Casper Wyoming

I'm chronically Ill and have a very weak immune system and asthma. The emergency docs think I may already have COVID-19. ! I'm in desperate need of alcohol free hand sanitizer (I'm allergic to alcohol)


Canada for email, etransfers, paypal transfers or

Please stay safe everyone, and thank you for being beautiful x Seneca

MTL, Canada

I'm in my 20's, I have a rare disease that affects every system in my body, so you can imagine the amount of conditions I have, they are not managed well because I am rare and being ill + disabled is pricey. I'm also visually impaired which doesn't help dealing with the physical pain aspect. A lot of core resources and help are gone because of the pandemic. Need help to help my body since the hospitals aren't treating pre-existing conditions. Supplements, medications, ice packs (the additional disinfecting stuff too). Food is expensive because I have a strict diet and there's not as much in stores right now. Have to pay for volunteer delivery as I'm homebound & need help. Other stores are closed and shipping online is becoming a lot longer so sooner the better.  any amount or item adds up! Links in column to the left.

Mary (@magillanicas)

Nova Scotia, Canada

For my step father: alcohol, baby wipes, incontinence underwear (depends L/XL preferred) DM if you can help!

@Chantal._.bell (Instagram)


(Please DM me on instagram first for fastest response)


Twitter: @chantal624

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2M-1H2


[I’m immunocompromised living in one of the places in Canada that currently has the virus I’m unable to work and am currently home-bound, except for medical appointments that I need to go to, and very much in need of a mask for appointments!]

·           1 Reusable N95 Mask (reusable with a air valve) or multiple one-use n95 masks

·           Hand Sanitizer

[edit: I have wipes coming, and gloves coming. Thank you!]



British Columbia, Canada

Rubbing Alcohol, 2 N95 masks if possible!





art commissions:


twitter: @unsidhe (NSFW!)

Ontario, Canada

Pepto Bismol to handle IBS-D.  Hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes for cleaning medical equipment like my dad’s cpap which is going to be more important than ever. Menstrual pads (heavy for fibroid & endo bleeding). I’ll update if I think of anything else, got brainfog at time of writing.


Not an emergency, but I really can’t get any of this here and if one of us catches something, our immune systems will not be able to handle it. I can also do art commissions for Amazon things.

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Vancouver BC Canada, V5L 2C7

over 50 confirmed cases in my area, 10+ in health facilities i frequent. i’m an immunocompromised terminal cancer patient with other disabilities including renal failure. i need unscented hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes without bleach to wipe down my wheelchair daily. i’m also a sex worker and while i am on disability, my rent eats most of that, so if anyone has any $ to spare while i’m unable to work to pay for medications, treatment, and groceries that’d help a lot- i don’t currently have enough $ to do any more than a few days to a week of buying at a time. thanks for any help, hope everyone is coping best we can.

Unable to contact. Sent twitter DM on 4/28 and 5/5. Sent $30 and message via paypal 5/18.