Elloge, the Sphere of Speech

First Elloge Excellency

Elloge is the mother of narrative and the teller of the story that is life. It is under Elloge that heroes triumph, villains fall, and reality favours the epic. Equally, it is Elloge who sees the evil empire rise and the hero’s parents cut down. Elloge always knows the best story, and works towards it regardless of her own ends. Elloge, more than her siblings, understands interactions, the better to write her vision of the world into being.

The Storyteller’s Excellency may be invoked on an action where the Infernal disregards his safety to aim for the best narrative, as well as an action where she deliberately acts in the expected manner. It cannot be used on an action where the Infernal defies his expected place in the scene. These could (but could not, depending on context) include situations such as the young hero accepting the villain’s offer to join him, the princess refusing his affections after her rescue, or seeing a chance to utilise an Act of Villainy and not doing so. In addition, the excellency is inapplicable to an action attempting to hide knowledge. Stories want to be told.

Her excellency is always valid on an action earning a stunt rating of two or greater – doing something well is more important than doing the right thing.


Elloge Mythos Exultant

Elloge’s displays of power are works of beauty, choreographed sequences that would make the celestial deity of the art weep in jealousy. Whenever she stunts, those that see her are driven to help tell her tale. She may make an immediate, free undodgeable social attack using a pool of Charisma+Linguistics, with additional successes equal to the level of her stunt. A successful attack instills a positive intimacy towards their role in the scene, as perceived by Elloge. This intimacy can be eroded normally, and vanishes by the end of the scene. Before bonus successes, a single willpower negates the effect of this Mythos on a character for the scene.

Sorcerous Enlightenment of Elloge

Elloge is subtle, often working through others. Her magic is largely used to this end.

Spells that cause emotion or control of others, as well as those that facilitate communication, have their cost reduced by half, while spells that cause grand manipulation of the environment, such as directly damaging spells, have their cost increased by the same amount. Ellogian spells often include images of runes, words, and script, sometimes even spelling out the purpose of the spell. (A successful Int+Occult roll with difficulty 4-spell’s circle tells a viewer the basic gist.) These persist for a small time after the initial casting, but fade away for non-Obvious spells.

Ascendency Mantle of Elloge

No storyteller has power without an audience, and Elloge is no exception. Her Ascendency Mantle functions only as long as she knows widespread fame, represented by a background such as Infamy at at least four dots.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller’s anima is a swirl of half-perceptible words, fragments of sentences and half-thought ideas. Within, a supernal clarity fills the Infernal, telling her when to act and how best to do so.

By spending five motes, the Infernal raises her dice caps by two for a scene. However, this clarity is equally as strong for anyone else within the anima’s radius of Essencex5 yards. They increase their die caps by one, whether friend or foe.

As normal, this ability triggers automatically and for free when the Infernal reaches the 11-16 level of anima display.

Foolish Youth Relinquished

Elloge knows how many stories begin and end with the act of mercy, however foolish it may be for the one who does it. When her champions allow those who hate them to live and escape, Elloge rewards their mistake.

Whenever the Infernal has a foe in her power, and chooses not to kill them, but to let them leave and do as they wish, her player may roll dice equal to her Conviction, reducing the character’s Limit by one point per success.

The Urge to Express

Elloge’s heart is that of stories, endless tales that repeat again and again. Her urges seek to show these stories to the world, and to tell all those that she meets of the irresistible narratives that encompass every existence.

Sample Urges include-

Convince the Dragonbloods of Lookshy that they are naught but bit players.

Tell the world the secret of the Emissary of Nexus.

Convince the realm that the Immaculate Dogma is a lie.

The Torment of Elloge

Elloge knows that all stories are about interaction, and that one being alone can do little. Those she hates are punished with loneliness and self-doubt.

The Infernal immediately gains an intimacy of distrust and hatred towards himself, replacing any intimacy she already possesses.

Anyone who possesses a positive intimacy towards the Infernal gains a negative one. Usually, they will continue working with her, but will do so spitefully and unwillingly.

After a week has passed, the effects fade, with the Infernal’s self-confidence returning and her friends returning to her-if the meantime hasn’t destroyed them.

Every Word is Mine

Cost: - Mins: Essence 1, Type: -

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: First Elloge Excellency

All words are Elloge, and in turn, Elloge is all words.

An Infernal with this charm understands all meaningful language.

She still does not understand magical glossolalia, which is only gibberish, but can seamlessly switch from one language to another, even if she has never encountered it before. This applies to anything which can reasonably be described as speech, but not to body language.

The Words Within Life

Cost: - Mins: Essence 2, Type: -

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Every Word is Mine

While Elloge concerns herself entirely with words, to the Sphere of Speech, everything is words. With this charm, the Infernal can communicate using otherwise byzantine methods. She may say ‘run!’ with a high singing note, paint an argument in the air with her fingertips, or dance her desire into visibility. This functions as long as the target possesses at least one dot in the ability you set.

This charm allows the Infernal to communicate using any ability she can stunt. As a baseline, any artistic expression - painting, sculpture, dance, song, oration - is always allowed. As a side benefit, this makes it difficult for a foe to notice or interpret hidden messages, raising the difficulty by one, and forcing them to use the chosen ability to meet that difficulty.

With an Essence 3 repurchase, the Infernal can communicate with anyone and anything. While some beings and objects may not understand what she says - rocks, for example - she is still communicating with them.

A separate repurchase, also requiring Essence 3, allows the Infernal to choose an Attribute instead of an ability, allowing anyone with a rating of 3+ in that ability to understand.

A second repurchase allows her to choose any virtue (for those with three dots of that virtue) or Essence (anyone with enlightened essence.)

Dabbling in Other Forms

Cost: - Mins: Essence 3, Type: -

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms The Words Within Life

While this charm is a favourite of many Infernals, Elloge rarely makes use of it, preferring to remain linked to her beloved words.

This charm expands all Elloge charms that specifically derive benefits from the character’s Linguistics, allowing her to utilise other ‘Artistic’ abilities instead.

She may replace Linguistics with another ‘artistic’ ability. Artistic abilities are those that create and express. Craft is the most obvious, allowing an Infernal to utilise paintings, sculptures, or calligraphy as their medium. Performance, used to sing, dance, or merely orate, is the next. Stunts lend themselves well to alternate abilities - imagine an Infernal who utilises Craft (Fate).

Narrator’s Insight

Cost: 4m, Mins: Essence 1, Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV-0)

Keywords: Combo-Ok

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: None

The storyteller understands those in the story as well as they do. She can tell who is important and who isn’t, and can, with practice, discern the trustworthy from the villainous.

By spending four motes, she may tell whether anyone she looks upon is an extra, a normal being, or a heroic being. With Essence 4, she may also detect whether they possess enlightened essence.

A repurchase of this charm, requiring Essence 3, allows the storyteller to sense if anyone she looks at has an Intimacy towards her, and whether it is positive or negative.

This charm upgrades automatically at Essence 4, becoming Indefinite.

Shipper’s Compatibility Index

Cost: 2m or 1m, Mins: Essence 2, Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Combo-Ok

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Narrator’s Insight

By looking at a pair of people, the Infernal judges their opinion of each other, and how much they have in common. The Infernal becomes aware of what intimacies they have towards one another, if any, and how many of their virtues are within a dot rating of each other, although not which. She also becomes aware if they have mutually exclusive Motivations, but not what they are. This charm costs 2m normally, but is reduced to 1m while the Infernal is under the effects of Narrator’s Insight.

Without Essence 6, the Infernal may not target herself with this charm.

The Story Begins

Cost: 5m, Mins: Essence 3, Type: Simple

Keywords: Combo-Ok, Emotion, Social

Duration: One day

Prerequisite Charms: Shipper’s Compatibility Index

Often, Elloge finds that other people refuse to see what she does, and act towards the best interests of the story. This charm targets a pair who the Infernal has previously targeted with this charm’s prerequisite. The two receive an intimacy towards one another with a context of the Infernal’s choice.

If they already possess an intimacy towards the other person, the Infernal must make a social attack using Attribute+Linguistics, with bonus dice equal to half her essence. This attack is unblockable without stunts or charms. Success overwrites the intimacy, while failure negates the charm’s effects on that target.

This intimacy lasts for a single day with magical intensity, but then fades normally. Some Infernals, and occasionally Elloge herself, use this charm as a form of matchmaking, and pride themselves on finding couples who then sustain the intimacy. However, targets may negate their intimacy by spending one willpower, before bonus successes.

Expert’s Textual Analysis

Cost: 3m, Mins: Essence 3, Type: Simple

Keywords: Combo-Ok

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Narrator’s Insight

Elloge finds it easier to understand writing than reality. Therefore, she writes reality, and then reads the writing.

Elloge looks at a target, and puts ink to parchment without moving her eyes. She writes for one action, and then has a description of that character. She may analyse it, attempting to read motivation or use other similar actions.

At Essence 4, this charm upgrades, grants her (Linguistics) bonus successes on these attempts.

A repurchase, requiring E5, expands this charm. He may write descriptions of more than one target, adding one mote to the cost and one to the speed per target. With a one willpower surcharge, the number of additional motes he pays is the magnitude of the social unit he can study instead, in preparation for similar actions attempting to read loyalty or policy.

A separate repurchase, requiring only E3, allows an Infernal to pay a two mote surcharge as she writes a description. If she does, the description includes everything that could be determined using essence sight - she recognises supernatural creatures with Essence 4 or greater as such, as long as they aren’t disguising it, and all active charms are rendered obvious. However, to correctly interpret the effect of unknown charms, or to determine the strength and aspect of a character’s essence, he must make an Occult+Intelligence roll, as described in All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight.

Writing On The World

Cost: - , Mins: Essence 3, Type: Permanent

Keywords: Shaping, Obvious

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Expert’s Textual Analysis

So many times, an author is caught off guard with no tools to record their ideas. With this charm, this problem no longer occurs. The Infernal can write down his thoughts on the very air, or  summon paper and ink from the aether.

In the former mode, he may write with speech or hand, and the words remain until the end of the scene or his dismissal. While he may do this freely, there is always the risk that someone else could read what he says.

Self As Subject Understanding

Cost: -, Mins: Essence 3, Type: Permanent

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Expert’s Textual Analysis

Even the best writers sometimes desire a place in their own world, but to write themselves, they must know themselves - something that makes many people quite uncomfortable.

This charm allows the Infernal to analyse themselves through writing using this charm’s prerequisite. Obviously, reading one’s own motivation is of no use, but analysing this paper causes all unnatural mental influence currently applied to the Infernal to become obvious to her.

As a benefit, no command that would bar the Infernal from writing succeeds, being considered an unacceptable command. (With Dabbling In Other Forms, this also applies to any artistic ability the Infernal has at least two dots in.) This means, amongst other things, that the Infernal cannot be commanded not to use this charm.

A repurchase of this charm, requiring Essence 4 and Redrafting the World, allows the Infernal to write her own way out of the chains upon her mind. As a persistent effect, she may spend 4m to shatter any mental influence that is placed on her, as long as she is aware of it. She may do this even if she would be prohibited from doing so.

For a 2m surcharge, the Infernal may write her own dialogue - for herself or a willing being (extras are always willing) - that perfectly parries a social attack. This may apply even against an unblockable social attack.

Redrafting The World

Cost: 1wp, Mins: Essence 4, Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-Ok, Social

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Expert’s Textual Analysis

Elloge thinks it much easier to just edit a character until they are useful, rather than having to persuade them herself. To this end, she has thoughts and ideas enter their mind.

Using a description obtained from this charm’s prerequisite, she writes in her argument, and describes how her target accepts it.

Wherever the target is, they hear the Infernal’s words as she writes them. This is treated as a normal social attack, using Charisma+Presence, with the Infernal using Linguistics instead of Appearance. They may reply or ignore it as normal with their MDV. The Infernal may only use a description in this way until their attacks first fail, at which point their mastery of the piece is ruined, and they must write a new description as described in that charm. (This also allows the target only a single counterattack.)

While an Essence 5 repurchase removes this limitation, it also means the target can freely respond, and attempt to convince the Infernal of their own beliefs.

A second repurchase, requiring the E5 repurchase of Expert’s Textual Analysis, allows the Infernal to rewrite large groups. This is a Charisma+Performance roll, with the Infernal using Linguistics instead of Appearance, and may target the group as a normal performance attack, or, if the target constitutes a social group, in Mass Social Combat. It is affected by the other repurchase of this charm, if the Infernal has it.

The Author Apart

Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 3, Type: Simple

Keywords: Illusion, Combo-Ok

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Narrator’s Insight

The author is everpresent in her work, but, for the largest proportion of the time, is invisible and untouchable. Drawing on this, she fades into the background.

Noticing the Infernal’s presence if they hide, or thinking that they’re important, is impossible without a great expenditure of will, or tremendous insight. A successful Wits+Awareness roll, with difficulty equal to the Infernal’s Essence plus half their linguistics, reveals them, as does the expenditure of four willpower.

Whenever the Infernal takes any action that is neither walking or writing, resisting the charm is lowered to a 2wp cost, and the difficulty drops to merely the Infernal’s essence. With Dabbling in Other Forms, use of those abilities is protected as writing.

Mundane attempts to draw attention to the character, including natural mental influence suffer an external penalty equal to the Infernal’s Essence. Unnatural mental influence, and charm enhanced NMI apply normally, negating the effects of this charm until the Infernal is no longer under attention. (Eg, out of sight, out of mind.)

A repurchase of this charm, requiring Essence 5, allows the Infernal to pay a one willpower surcharge to remove the latter limitation. If the Infernal takes any action that directly impacts another character, such as opening a door that the guard would suffer for guarding incorrectly, the cost to resist and the difficulty to notice is lowered as above. When actually making an attack, whether physical or social, the target or targets automatically notice.

A separate repurchase of this charm, also requiring Essence 5, allows the Infernal to spend an additional two willpower surcharge to stop her anima banner from affecting attempts at stealth. Music fades into the background, bright lights become soothing flickers, and flickering energy is but a warm touch.

Ardent Villain Command

Cost: 3m Mins: Essence 3, Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Social

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Narrator’s Insight

This charm supplements an order, telling a single target what their role is. This could be ‘cruel hearted matriarch’, ‘bimbo princess’, ‘adoring fan’ or anything else. This command is rendered unnatural mental influence, and costs one more willpower to resist than it otherwise would. If it succeeds, they gain three bonus dice on any action which supports this characterisation, which counts towards their dice caps, but suffer a -3 internal penalty from any action that opposes it.

This charm may be used in combination with Redrafting the World. It remains obvious to the target only.

An Essence 4 repurchase allows this charm to be activated while using The Author Apart without breaking that charm’s stealth, even for the target. When used in this way, the attack has a 1wp surcharge, but is unblockable and loses the Obvious keyword completely.

Narrative Imposition Proclamation

Cost: 6m, 1wp Mins: Essence 4, Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Social

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Ardent Villain Command

With this charm, the storyteller proclaims the narrative that she desires from the scene, and all those who come near must listen. Narratives are ideas such as ‘a revolution against the king’ or ‘a brawl in the pub’. Storytellers are suggested to accept any narrative that has benefits and penalties for both sides, and to deny anything truly one-sided, unless the Infernal has put in truly intense effort to setting it up.

She makes a charisma+performance roll, with bonus successes equal to her Linguistics. All those convinced must attempt to support this narrative. Resisting costs a base of two willpower, before bonus successes.

Regardless of the social attack, all characters in the scene gain additional dice on any roll to play any valid role within the story equal to half the Infernal’s Linguistics, while suffering an internal penalty of the same size to anything that contradicts the narrative. These dice do not count towards dice caps. Those who failed against the initial roll must pay one willpower to act contradictory to the story, with the influence breaking when they have spent willpower equal to the initial cost to resist. Those who succeeded against the original social attack, are free to follow it or not, gaining dice or suffering penalties as appropriate. It is obvious to everyone in the scene both what the narrative is, and who is telling the story.

With Essence 6 and the performance repurchase of Redrafting the World, this charm may be used with that charm, in which case the source of the effect is Obvious only to those affected by the initial social attack. The narrative remains obvious to all.

With Essence 6, the Infernal may buy this charm a second time. If they do, it may be used while the Infernal uses The Author Apart, without affecting that charm’s stealth. Doing so carries a 5m surcharge, but the attack becomes unblockable, and the social attack loses the Obvious tag completely.

Rocks Fall

Cost: 2m Mins: Essence 2, Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV-1)

Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Shaping

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Narrator’s Insight

The Infernal’s favoured tools are the characters that litter the world, but the world of her story can substitute in a desperate situation.
This charm creates an attack using the environment. It uses Charisma+Linguistics, rather than Dexterity+(Ability), and has an accuracy equal to half the Infernal’s Essence. Its base damage is equal to her Charisma+Essence, but gains a bonus equal to twice the stunt bonus gained on her attack roll. This damage is lethal, but can be made bashing with a fitting stunt. It also deals Aggravated damage to Fae, due to their shared affiliation with narrative. It can only cause effects that have some relation to the scene at hand-lightning does not strike from a clear sky, but a rockfall is a constant danger in a quarry.

To begin with, this charm is utterly obvious. The Infernal’s actions are clearly the ones that caused the effect.

A repurchase of this charm, requiring Essence 3, improves this charm. Firstly, a suitable attack is not immediately obvious as an action of the Infernal’s. Viewers, including the target, must make a Wits+Linguistics check, with difficulty equal to the Infernal’s Linguistics, to determine that he caused the attack.

Secondly, the Infernal can create effects that do not fit the environment, flukes of fate and seeming impossibilities striking her foe. With this use, she may create attacks as abstract as strangling someone with their bad grammar, or truly impossible attacks similar to those granted by Principle Invoking Onslaught. When she does this, she becomes Obvious as the source.

A second repurchase changes this charm’s duration to indefinite. When used in this way, the charm is a reflexive action, costing ten motes. It allows the Infernal to utilise Rocks Fall at will, whenever she could make a normal attack. It also lets her parry with the environment, the same odd coincidences and illogic protecting her. These attacks use the following profile.

Speed 5, Accuracy +(Essence/2), Damage (Charisma+Essence+2Stunt)L/2, Defense: (Stunt), Range: (Essencex30), Rate: 3, Tags: O

A third repurchase, requiring the E5 repurchase of The Author Apart, allows Rocks Fall to be used while that charm is active without automatically breaking its effects. Attacks made from this stealth are not considered unexpected, but targets affected by that charm’s stealth must succeed on their check or pay one willpower to recognise you as the source.

Deus Ex Machina

Cost: 9m Mins: Essence 2, Type: Reflexive (Step 2)

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Rocks Fallx2 (Indefinite)

When she is in enough danger, Elloge’s standards slip. Rocks jump to defend her, storms form in a midsummer desert, and perfectly timed coincidences save lives.

An impossibly fortuitous coincidence perfectly parries a single attack. This is a perfect defence that may block the unblockable, but bears the Imperfection of the Sphere of Speech. As an additional benefit, it is not immediately obvious that the Infernal is the cause of the defence.

Imperfection of the Sphere of Speech

Elloge cares for stories above all else, and a beautiful story deserves to triumph. Her perfect defence bears a surcharge in motes equal to twice the value of the stunt awarded to the attack. In addition, three die stunts add a three willpower surcharge.

Omniscient Narrator Shintai

Cost: 14m, 1wp Mins: Essence 4, Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV-0)

Keywords: Blasphemy, Form-Type, Shaping

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: The Story Begins, The Author Apart, Redrafting the World

With this charm, the Infernal expands. She dissolves into a metaphysical idea, expanding over Essencex50 yards. In this state, she is immaterial and invisible, and benefits from the same massive size as an Infernal utilising the Greater Shintai of the Endless Desert:

She is incapable of dodging attacks from smaller beings, but cannot take more than one level of damage from them in any given attack, unless it covers a full tenth of her size. In mass combat, she always enjoys the full +3 magnitude bonus, unless fighting a similarly scaled foe.

While in this overarching state, many of her charms are improved.

She enjoys the benefits of the Author Apart automatically, for as long as the charm lasts, exactly as described in that charm, including any repurchases she possesses.

She may use the charm Expert’s Textual Analysis on anyone within her area as a reflexive action with no cost.

The willpower cost to resist The Story Begins becomes equal to half the Infernal’s Essence.

She may use Redrafting the World for 4m, Ardent Villain Command for 1m, and Narrative Imposition Proclamation for only 1wp.

As a downside, the Infernal must give himself a role in the scene, as if with Ardent Villain Command. He converts the dice granted by that charm, as well as by Narrative Imposition Proclamation, into successes. However, she is incapable of acting in a way that does not fit her role, or against acting against the narrative, as surely as an Akuma cannot act against his urge. As a note, not all acts qualify either way. An act is not ‘either disallowed or enhanced.’

Words Beyond Wings

Cost: +1wp, Mins: Essence 4, Type: Permanent

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Wind Carried Words, the Words Within Life

This charm upgrades its Dragonblooded prerequisite. By spending a 1wp surcharge as they activate it, they may ignore range requirements entirely, contacting anyone on their plane of reality.

With an Essence Five upgrade, even that requirement is removed. Any plane that is not entirely sealed off can be spoken to. However, bear in mind that even words take five days to travel through Malfeas.                                                                                                                                                     

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