OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

15th October 2013, 19:00 - 19:56 GMT




Present: Matt Amos, Dermot McNally, Michael Collinson, Harry Wood, Henk Hoff, Paul Norman


Apologies: Andy Allan

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

Sept 17

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Henk


Open Action Items

20130423-01        Harry Interviews need turning into blog(s). Invitation has been send out to Paul.


20130723-01        Mike to check status of legal counsel about having requests openly published. [done, awaiting response]

20130723-02        Mike (and Paul) to do expand on DMCA document and blocking text (mostly [done, awaiting status on publishing requests before asking board to formally endorse]

20130723-03        Harry closed the donation drive at the end of this blog post: http://blog.openstreetmap.org/2013/08/22/skobbler-donation/  Banners have been taken off everywhere. (done) ...just need the donate.openstreetmap.org site to be tweaked

20130723-04        Dermot will send draft a set of thoughts on how the SWG can continue (with a possible joining of the grass-root Future Group) (done, see agenda)

Highlights Current Status Working Groups









Brazil tracksource redaction

Fairly invasive redaction needed in brazil

Community members are copying in data from “tracksource” which has a google derived data issue (similar wikimapia) http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potential_Datasources#Unsuitable_sources

Tackling the problem earlier rather than later is important, but bad tracksource imports may be an ongoing problem.

MT Chair

Mike has circulated a program which he would like agreed to before formally taking over as chair.

Agreed by everyone present

Henk hands over the reigns. “congratulations”

Mike says “Thanks” to Henk for his work as the chairman so far. Also thanks to Matt for his work on developing the management team statutes.

2014 Budget Process

We will experiment creating a one year budget rolling every three months via a Google spreadsheet where all WGs can edit their own section.

Action: Mike will develop the spreadsheet and advise WG representatives so that they can get their entries in by 19th November (our next meeting).

Formation of Working Groups

Note also the “Administration” section of http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Management_Team/Proposed_Statutes MT is responsible for the approval, creation, administration and dissolution of WGs as a matter of delegation of responsibility from the board”

Proposal by Andy Allan reworked into one text by Mike:

The OpenStreetMap project is based very much on the motivation of individuals and groups of individuals to “just do something”.  This extends to forming Working Groups and the scope of their activities.  However, there are overheads to having new working groups that may be overlooked at the time or at least not immediately realised - the requirement to attend management meetings, the distribution of funds to all working groups (all have a £1,000 budget), the requirement to file WG budgets and status reports with the management team, and so on.

The Management Team therefore resolves to trial a formal procedure as follows.

A new working group can be proposed by members of the Foundation. The working group needs to be proposed by 3 ordinary members of the Foundation, and to have agreement of 1 Board member to act as the initial mentor.

The proposal should include the purpose of the working group, including its scope and limit of scope, remit, and estimated first year's budget. The proposal is submitted to the Management Team email list, which can approve, reject, or request alterations at their next meeting.

Proposed Future Working Group (Dermot)

There exists an informal group called the “Future Group”. Dermot now proposes that this is formalised as an OSMF working group as follows. Coloured items are amendations.

Initial members: Johan de Ruijter (NL), Dermot McNally (IRL), Clifford Snow (USA), Jerry Clough (UK), Taichi Furuhashi (JP), Christian Quest (F), Dave Corley (IRL), Satoshi Iida (JP), Blanca Mancilla (CAN), Giuseppe Bilotta (IT)

“The Future Working Group (FWG) aims to be a research and study forum within which mappers interested in the future of OSM can engage with each other to consider the evolution of OSM to date, where OSM should strive to be in the future and to consider the means of getting there. We are aware that many of the most valuable gains OSM has made have arisen unexpectedly or evolved in unanticipated ways and we think that this is fine. But we also think that if we can identify productive goals that gain buy in from the Community, we can deliver additional gains to further growth of OSM.

We want to be a melting pot for ideas generated by the OSM community. We want to take the time to understand how, why and whether people map, what the motivations of developers are and how, why and whether people use OSM data for their daily needs and might be encouraged to contribute back to enhance OSM data. We want to consider the changing geodata environment in which we operate and based on all of this, we want to generate ideas on which to either act ourselves (as a working group or as individual projects) or to seek wider community participation.

We welcome all participants who believe in the need to understand the past and present and to anticipate the future. We expect and hope that there will be a diversity of opinions represented among members and we therefore expect everybody to remain objective and respectful at all times. To make pace, we also expect everybody to actively participate.

Membership to FWG is open to all OSMF members who are willing to spend at least 1 hour per week contributing to FWG. Concrete products that the FWG will deliver till Summer 2014 are suggestions for a vision, a mission, core values and a SWOT analysis for OSM in October 2013, goals for OSM in April 2014 and action plans for OSM in June 2014. The FWG will have an updated recommendation  for the goals in the AoA ready in April 2014. All community members are very welcome to contribute to these processes at any stage. The FWG will actively seek interaction within the OSM community and decide upon the products following the established do-o-cracy of OSM.”

With Dermot’s agreement we resolved to use this as a trial of the working group formation procedure decided in the above agenda item and not immediately accept the formation until the proposal meets all the check points. Action: Dermot’s homework is therefore:



Next meeting

November 19th  2013, 20:00 GMT/UK, 21:00 CET (both US and Europe on winter time)

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 19:56 GMT