Timothy Lindsey

    Designer and Artist




Work Experience


Art Director and Level Designer

The Culling

March 2015 - Present

Design Director

Lichdom: Battlemage for PC

February 2012 - September 2014

Responsible for shepherding the vision of the Lichdom IP and delivering on the goals of the product as defined by the Executive level.  Hiring, management, mentoring, and scheduling of the design team.

Delivery of all documentation, prototypes and educational materials necessary to move swiftly into game production.

Design of multi-discipline world construction methodology to ensure rapid production with clear goals and ownership.

Built a play-test gated pipeline for multi-discipline teams by which features are iterated on based on frequent playtest feedback.


 CCP Games

Level Design Director

World of Darkness for PC

April 2008  – February 2012

Responsible for the hiring, mentoring and management of the World of Darkness Level Design Team.

Manage all budgeting and scheduling concerning the World of Darkness Level Design team.

Coordinate multi-national teams with offices in the U.S. and the EU for the delivery of game systems and tools as the Designer and Product Owner.

Design company wide processes for world construction, asset integration, and game ready deployment.

Lead multi-discipline teams to design and deliver game-play prototypes and production pipelines.

Collaborate with Art Directors to create visual target scenes to guide the production of assets and worlds.

Responsible for the world design and environment specific interactions for World of Darkness.

Led technical teams that design the world assembly tool suite for both World of Darkness and Eve Online: Incarna.

Collaborated with the CCP Core technologies team to design and implement the lighting solutions, scene management solutions, and world streaming solutions for World of Darkness and Eve Online: Incarna.

Designed and constructed prototype levels for the analysis of game

play features specific to movement, combat, navigation systems and performance.


Teaching Experience

 Auburn University

Visiting Instructor: Game Design

January 2012 -June 2012

Instructing a 300 level Industrial Design course that introduces the use of Unreal Engine as a tool for designing iOS games and user interfaces.

 Art Institute of Atlanta

Associate Professor: Level Design

September 2007 – December 2009

Created the course structure and taught Level Design 1 and Level Design 2 studios.

Skills (General Software)

Maya Unlimited v.3 – 2011

3D Studio Max v.5 – 8

Adobe Photoshop v. 3 - CS4

Adobe Premier v. 3 - CS3

Perforce (Administration)

Microsoft Excel

Work Experience (continued)

Product Owner and Technical Artist

Eve Online: Apocrypha

November 2008 - March 2009

Led a team tasked with graphically upgrading all of the asteroid assets in Eve Online as the their Product Owner.  Created demonstration HLSL shaders that were used as the basis for the final asteroid shaders.  

 Hi-Rez Studios

Lead Environment Artist, Lead Level Designer

Global Agenda for PC using UDK 3

March 2006 - April 2008

Responsibilities included creation and management of the Environment Art and Level Design teams.

Design and construction of environments to meet combat, navigation and aesthetic goals.

Design of environment specific movement types and the process for deploying these features.

Worked with concept artists to design applicable moods, themes, level architecture and props.  

Prototyping and implementation of server/client replicated assets for MMO game-play.

 Bethesda Softworks

Senior Environment Artist, Level Designer

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PC and Xbox 360

April 2003 – February 2006

Creator of the Oblivion Plains, a series of levels consisting of 13 worlds that wove together dozens of interior and exterior levels with hundreds of creature encounters, traps, and puzzles.

Designed a random dungeon system for the Oblivion Plains.

Responsibilities included modeling and textures of modular level assets, both architecture and props.

Design and creation of combat encounters and world events using TES Script and TES AI.

Responsible for environment asset animations, scripting, and Havok physics rigging.

 Idol Minds

Environment Artist and Level Designer

August 1997 – April 2003

Cool Boarders 2001 for PlayStation 2

Cool Boarders 2001, Cool Boarders 4, Cool Boarders 3 and Rally Cross 2 for PlayStation

Skills (Game Tools)


Unreal Developers Kit 3 & 4

Gamebryo and the Bethsoft tool set (TES Editor, GEK)

Havok and PhysX physics simulation tools

Hansoft Agile Project Management

Test Tracker Pro

Applicable Experience

Lecture:  Framework: Using a defined purpose, goal, and iteration structure to deliver quantifiable success.  SCAD, 2012

Lecture: The Art of Level Design, SCAD, 2009

Lecture: Lighting for Level Design, AIA, 2007

Education and Certification

Certified Product Owner and Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)

Bachelors of Industrial Design

Auburn University, June 1996


Available upon request.