September 6, 2016 - TRANSFERS


Due to a Mission Presidents’ Seminar, transfer days were moved up a day.  The temple session and luncheon for the departing sisters was held on September 1, 2016 with all other transfer activities taking place September 6, 2016.


Sisters that helped get all the phones ready for this transfer.

  Sister Fernandez and Sister Beltrán did the initial preparation.  Sister Fernandez is training Sister Beltrán.


Two pictures (one more formal than the other) are included as not all sisters had exited the temple when we took the first picture and the Assistants had to leave prior to taking the second picture.




Sister Risenmay, Sister Eging (new Assistant), Sister Pierron (departing Assistant), Sister Summerfeldt (continuing Assistant) and President Risenmay



Pictures from the lunch at the JSMB taken by Sister Chazen, one of the departing sisters.


Sisters Rae, Parrish, Lysy, George, Nuon


Sisters Javzandulam, Chiafitela, Chazen, Evangelista, Eging

 Sisters (L-R) Evangelista, Burke, Chilan, Gattud, Li, Javzandulam, Chiafitela, and Chazen