WALT improve our recount writing by using a good hook, correct punctuation and spelling.  We need to use descriptive words, interesting detail, paragraphs and past tense.  


On a windy Monday at school, the year 6’s were ready to go on the bus to Camp MERC in Long Bay. Then the buses came and then we put our luggage on the bus, then we were off to Long Bay.

It took about 40 minutes to get there, then we got are our things together and we were in groups for the dorms.  Then we put our stuff on our beds then we got into some activities.

The first activity was a sudoku puzzle and we have to try and not get the same colour in each line. And in a bit of time we did it so then we went to the next one, and we did a water activity and we had to block all of the holes so that the water can’t get thru the holes but we failed that one.  Then we spent an hour doing more activities. Then it was time for diner.

We had home made burgers and they were yum then we went to are dourmes and Matua told us some stories, then it was time to go to sleep.

On the next day we had breakfast and it was yum with the hot chocolate, and then we got into the activities.

We did four of them and that was stack’em, rocky shores, rock climbing and sling shot. First was stack’em and i got nine crates but then Nathan R wanted to VS Mrs Graham. And Mrs Graham said “If you win you get immunity and if you lose, your whole team gets immunity accepted you” and he accepted it and they all got nine crates and then Gus made something up.     And it was called a moo off and Mrs Graham won so then we don’t get to go for a run in the morning and then for a long time it was dinnertime.  And we had yummy hot dogs and then we got sent up to are douremes and Matua told us some more stories and then it was time to go to sleep.

The end