Valentine 3:

 Queen of Hearts








Nicole E. Woolaston











Valentine 3:

 Queen of Hearts


















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This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used for entertainment purposes only.  This book was printed in the United States of America.

















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Part One: The Syndicate


1. Homecoming                                                                                                   11

2. Right Car; Wrong Girl                                                                                    14

3. Seeking New Employment                                                                   24

4. Michael Aldus                                                                                             27

5.  The Job                                                                                                       32

6.  Outside Help                                                                                               35

7.  Part of the Syndicate                                                                           39                                    


Part Two: Family Values


8. Keep Your Hands to Yourself                                                                 45

9. Little Sister                                                                                                   51

10. The Debt                                                                                                    59

11. Until I See You Again                                                                                62

12. You Matter                                                                                                    65

13. Lorenzo                                                                                                     69



Part Three: Roman Holiday


14. Mac Avery                                                                                                 75

15. The Position Can Not Be Filled                                                          80

16. The Test                                                                                                     82

17. Blame                                                                                                        86

18. To Italy                                                                                                      95

19. You Must Have Thought I Was Someone Else                                  101

20. Sins of the Father                                                                               111

21. Women With Guns                                                                                        118

22. There Are Places I Can Put You                                                        120

23. War                                                                                                                122













Part Four: Queen of Hearts


24. Miss McCormick Goes to California                                                      127

25. Who is the Black Queen?                                                                    130

26. Protect the Queen of Hearts                                                                   132

27. Surrounded                                                                                                      137

28. A Shot in the Dark                                                                                       140






































Part One:


The Syndicate

Chapter 1:







                Veronica jumped excitedly from the couch the moment she heard a key enter the lock of the door to the apartment.  Melinda and Victoria were sitting next to her.  Vincent was sitting in the arm chair, facing the door.  They all smiled when the door opened, and Val entered the apartment.  She was carrying her duffle bag in one hand and her keys in the other.  She came inside and closed the door, and dropped her bag on the floor.  Giving a heavy sigh, she said, “Hello, everyone.”

                “Welcome home, Vally Girl,” Vincent said, as he stood up from his seat.

                Veronica couldn’t contain herself any longer.  She giggled and ran up to her cousin and threw her arms around her. “You’re home!” she exclaimed.  “I’m so glad you’re home.”

                “I only came home because you promised me a birthday cake,” Val said, returning Veronica’s gesture.  “And because Lola said she was getting sick of me.”

                Melinda and Victoria laughed and stood up from the couch.  Veronica released Val and stepped away, while the two teen girls hugged Val at the same time. Val put her arms around both of them and smiled.  “Did you miss me?” she asked, her face sandwiched between their heads.

                “Of course we missed you!” Melinda declared.

                “Don’t ever leave us again,” Victoria added.

                Val looked straight ahead at the one person she hadn’t hugged yet.  Vincent took a step forward.  Melinda and Victoria decided their time was up, and moved aside.  Val walked up to her father, and the two of them embraced.  Vincent kissed his daughter’s forehead.  “I missed you,” he whispered.

                Val could feel her eyes growing watery.  “I missed you too, Daddy,” she said, quietly.

                “I’m sorry,” Vincent said.  “I’m sorry if I made you feel like you don’t matter.  I never meant to hurt you.” He released her, and looked into her eyes.  “You are important to me, and I love you.  Always remember that.”

                Val smiled.  “I will,” she said. She cleared her throat, and turned to Veronica.  “So, about my birthday cake?”

                “Actually, it’s our birthday cake,” Veronica corrected.

                “I can’t believe you guys were born one day apart,” Victoria said.

                “I can’t believe Valentine’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day,” Melinda said.  “What are the chances?”

                Veronica shook her head and headed towards the kitchen. Val followed her.  “It’s chocolate, right? Because it has to be chocolate.”

                “Yes, Val,” Veronica said.  “It’s chocolate.”  She grinned, and embraced her cousin again.  “I’m sorry I’m so emotional,” she whispered. “I’m just so happy you’re home.  This place doesn’t feel right without you.”

                Val squeezed Veronica and sighed.  “I’m sorry.”

                “Don’t be,” Veronica said.  She released her, and used the heel of her hand to wipe away a tear from her right eye.  “You needed some space. I just hope, the next time you’re not feeling strong enough to walk on your own, you’ll let me carry you. You’re not just my cousin, Val, you’re my best friend.”

                Val smiled at her.  “You’re not going to get all yuri on me, are you?”

                Veronica shook her head and giggled. “No!” she said. “Okay! Cake time!”