GAFE Summit North Island 2014

Key Note - Suan Yeo

Playlists - Curating YouTube - Jim Sill

How to Make your Google Site not look like a Google Site

Tell Stories and Travel the World with Google Tour Builder

Automagical Differentiation & Adaptive Instruction

Google Art Project

Wednesday 30th April

Collaboration - Concept, Power and Magic

Google Docs - The Ultimate Workflow and Applications Suite

Key Note - Suan Yeo

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A lot of the content on the net is repurposed and reimaged - how can you make the content say what you want it to say.

Start with why.

Do schools kill creativity.

Children are born inquisitive.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Shift from students as consumers to students as creators

The sign up rate for MOOCS is HUGE.

MOOC like reading the newspaper.

You pick what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

Ask questions that can’t be Googled..

Flip the teacher - get the students to lead the class for the day.

Plan for the last mile not the first

Let technology do the hard work.

Computational thinking - problem solving - the steps are important not so much the answer.

Internet Explorer - the best browser for downloading a better browser


Playlists - Curating YouTube - Jim Sill

You need an account for a playlist on YouTube.

When you subscribe to stuff it teaches google what to recommend.

You can click on these to stop them being shown - the three dots - but you can't get rid of recommended ones so use your personal account for the silly stuff, then it won’t show up for google to recommend from it.

Delete the search history.

Watch on full screen - loose all the controls.

Large player - pushes all the other stuff out of view - still can use all controls.

Down the bottom - it says safety mode - gets rid of comments from the screen.

Limits recommended videos to a certain type of rating. - links to what you are watching.

You can push safety mode out to all chromebooks on the control panel.

for example - Sesame street video - all the recommendations are of the same TV rating of the show you are watching.

Subscription - you can set it up to email you when new ones are added - but the normal setting will just include it on your feed when you log in.

You can set the video up to play from a certain spot - this changes the url link to accomodate this setting.

Add to - playlist.

You can share playlists across users / sign ins

Add to playlist or start a new playlist.

Public - anyone can find it

Unlisted - need the link can’t be searched for

Private - is private

There is a button that says remove duplicates. - useful

When you play one from a playlist - it will continue on and play the rest in a loop.

You can drag and drop the order that they are in.

The share option on the playlist shares the whole playlist, not just one of the videos.

Embed code - embeds the whole playlist.

It does not show recommended videos at the end , it automatically goes onto the next one then shows a curly arrow to refresh.

Click on enable privacy enhanced mode to embed the playlist on a site.

Hover over the vid in the playlist, for lots more options.

Can edit start and end times - trim up the front and back of video - doesn’t effect the vid on the web, just what appears in your playlist.

Can add notes / instructions

On the upload button you can record straight from the web cam.

You can record instructions in the playlist and mix it into required trimmed videos.

Get students to snip and edit up playlists to show their understanding of a topic.

Use the filter drop down to guide searching.

Use a comma and add playlist to a search - you will only get playlists on that topic.

How to Make your Google Site not look like a Google Site


navigational structure

page layout

look and feel - colour, typeface etc..

Get to your content in no more than 2 clicks.

Why? get to important info quickly.

The more clicks the faster the user experience declines.

Web pages are set up in tables.

This creates a frame for the content - you usually don’t see this frame.

1200 px is a fairly good standard browser size.

Have the tabs as category titles so this makes it more obvious there are drop downs under them.

Layout - Keep it simple, keep it clean.

Page layout based on the content.

What colour is your personality?

Colour - emotion, temperature, symbolise.

Create an account in colour lovers to save your colour schemes in.

Take photos of products that have colours that inspire… use photoshop to get the hex codes and create a colour palette.

Serif / san serif

serif - print

san serif - web  as there is more space

Do not use Comic san!!!

Tab titles - use a serif font as there is less space

Tell Stories and Travel the World with Google Tour Builder

Kim Randall



absolutely hopeless - doesn’t work on chrome books.

Automagical Differentiation & Adaptive Instruction

Google Art Project

Wednesday 30th April

Jim Sill - Keynote

The world of wild and reckless creativity.

What world do we live in today?

We live in a twitter / hashtag world

We live in an instagram world.

The selfie world

Self branding - digital footprint

Youtube world

subject,today - search brings up all videos uploaded today about that subject.

The video is not the lesson - the leaping off point.

Vine - app

Haiku for weirdos

go pro cameras

flipagram - make videos from instagram channel

use instagram to hashtag an event that students can add to

if this then that

#sillfie - tag selfies on instagram

Use the tools for relevant teaching

Collaboration - Concept, Power and Magic

you can’t expect students to collaborate if teachers don't model it

Synchronous - in real time

Asynchronous - out of time, the glue that holds collaboration together across all sorts of groups.

Cooperation + Contribution = Collaboration

Contribute is the one that sometimes gets lost in the mix

+ co creation - what are you going to do together?

It is not always about you and your work, it is about the final thing that you are working on together.

How are we supporting collaboration online?

potential for miscommunication

can you use tools other than google docs for collaborative learning, to build on the comfort level issues of working only through online methods - skype?, chat?, forum?

poll everywhere - free account takes first 40 answers

Google Docs - The Ultimate Workflow and Applications Suite

What can you do in 2 steps that used to take 7?

Have drive in grid view and colour the folders for instant recognition.

Thumbnails of files.

autosave is every three to seven seconds

Develop an efficient naming protocol for documents.

Name, class, title - these become searchable terms.

Put a header on the doc and  use #name, class, title - this is then searchable too

Create searchable identifiers

My Session doc

Top of the Class for Research and Presentation

search for creative commons through the filter for image search

PANEL: Level Up! Taking Your Professional Development to the Next Step with Google's Training Opportunities